11 Inspiring Book Quotes (Part 2)

IMG_2581Sharing the first round of book quotes earlier this week was so much fun! I heard from several of you telling me how you loved the work of one of the authors and how we have similar taste in books. Love that!

So here is Part 2, all just as good as the first 11. Please enjoy and keep those comments coming!

If you keep someone in prison with your thoughts, you have to sit at their jail door to keep them from escaping, and thus become a prisoner yourself. To free another is to free yourself. When you give the gift of release, your spirit is healed. ~ A Deep Breath of Life, Alan Cohen

Writing and therapy are both about creating the conditions that allow us to take people to the mountain. When people’s breathing changes and their eyes fill with wonder, they will walk down that mountain ready to perform miracles. ~ Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher

One thing you have to be through all of this is true to yourself. When it’s another life you are creating, you can’t use a store-bought mix. This bread has to be made from scratch. ~ Chapters, Candice Carpenter

Once you are independent of the accusations of others, you are unable to be angry and hurt over what others accuse you of. Be kind because it is you, not because of the reactions you want from others. ~ There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, Wayne Dyer

Practicing silence means making a commitment to take a certain amount of time to simple Be. ~ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra

Love because you will to love. Give because you will to give. Flowers bloom because they must, not because there are people fawning over them! You live and love because you will. Because you must. ~ Living, Loving & Learning, Leo Buscaglia

An event and your reality of that event are not the same thing . . . Events are created by conditions and occurrences outside you. Reality is created by conditions and occurrences inside you–in your mind. ~ When Everything Changes, Change Everything, Neale Donald Walsch

Once you acknowledge guidance, you will always be shown pathways through whatever difficulties arise. You are never abandoned in the midst of a prayer. ~ Entering the Castle, Carolyn Myss

“Dear God, please remove from my mind my sense that I’m right and other people are wrong, my temptation to feel contempt toward those I disagree with, and this feeling of complete and utter powerlessness with my sense that the world is falling apart. Help me to forgive. And use me, if possible, that I might help to make things better. Amen.” ~ Everyday Grace, Marianne Williamson

Faith minus vulnerability equals politics, or worse, extremism. Spiritual connection and engagement is not built on compliance, it’s the product of love, belonging and vulnerability. ~ Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

It is the Glad Season. Thunder ebbs to silence and lightning sleeps quietly in the corner. Floodwaters recede into memory. Snow becomes a yielding cushion to aid us as we make our way to higher ground. ~ Amazing Peace, Maya Angelou

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