15 Incredible Sources of Inspiration


As 2015 sprints by (can you believe we’re already entering the last week of the first month of the year?), I’m trying to decide if the bloom of the new year rose is still pungently hopeful. The answer is yes, especially after a weekend of greyhound-inspired good feelings.

There’s good news and bad news about good feelings. They feel squishy and huggy when they’re happening but after a bit when the dopamine levels in the brain dip, you need a little something more to throw your hat toward.

Here’s the ringer for your hat: Create a list of incredible sources of inspiration that’s personal for you. I’ve put mine together to help you get started.

The year will ebb and flow so refer to your list often so you’ll stay right-sized. Remember this:


My list in no order of importance with the exception of #1 and #15 (saving the best for last):

1.  My life in recovery from addiction–as I approach my 24th anniversary, I love knowing that inspiration waits around every corner. 

2.  Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT)–With the tagline “No Grey Turned Away,” this organization, its hearty band of volunteers (including me!) and the beautiful grey babies fills me to overflowing!

3.  The ocean and beach walks–There’s something about stepping toes on the beach that instantly calms my mind and relaxes my body so that I can feel the awe of God’s inspiring landscape.

4.  U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Paul Tahmooressi and his enduring courage while in a Mexican jail last year–Enough said.

5.  Prayer and worship–I’m a lapsed church-goer but a staunch believer in the rhyme and reason of both prayer and worship (neither of which has rules!).

6.  My Bloggers Alliance–This stunning collection of men and women are my models, my muses and my mentors.  

7.  Young People in Recovery (YPR)–Inspiring seems like a tame word to use for these friends and colleagues in recovery, many of whom weren’t born when I entered recovery!

8.  My little brother–Jeff turns 50 later this week (Holy Cow!) and although we live far apart and we aren’t as close as we once were, I’m grateful for the care he provides for our father and for the principled life he lives.


9. The process of learning–I pray that I’ll always find inspiration in keeping my mind and my heart open to learn.

10. Spending time with like-minded friends–Taking time to mindfully listen creates so many opportunities for rich conversations and I cherish these times with friends.

11.  Art in all its forms–Paintings, glasswork, pottery, stand-up comedy, movies, Broadway shows, music, and so, so much more: count me inspired!

12.  Playfulness–Also considered an art form by many, there’s something about singing to my dogs, dancing while cleaning the house or just old-fashioned silliness that fills me with joyous inspiration.

13.  Restfulness/napping–Necessary for my inspiration list because I don’t do enough of either but I’ve recently discovered that there is serenity in surrender.

14.  My work as a recovery writer–When I lost my dream job at a national non-profit two years ago, a part of me died only to be resurrected by the inspiration of an older dream that found expression.

15.  The sweetness of my heart connection–Becky inspires me to be a persevering writer, a more patient mom to our four-leggeds, an unconditionally loving companion, and B-2 to her B-1.

It’s your turn! What would be at the top of your Incredible Sources of Inspiration list? Please share in the comments below and pass along this post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pals via the icons below.

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  1. Lynne says:

    Great idea! I will indeed create my own list. Being inspired creates positivity and makes you live life in a more enjoyable manner. Enjoyed reading you post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Lynne,

      Appreciate your stopping by with your kind words. I’d love it if you’d share your list of inspirational sources. Come back and let us know!

      Best to you!

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