2011 Word #2

Source–one of my three words of focus for 2011, the other two being Intention and Order. Readers of this blog may recall that I’ve sworn off new-year resolutions and decided instead this year to let God impress upon me three words to study, absorb and live by.

I spent a good deal of time with Intention over the first six weeks or so of the year and I’m getting a decent handle on the strength of the word in my life. I wrote then that setting an intention places a commitment right in front of me. In fact, I can envision holding the intention between my outstretched hands and then feel my heart bestowing its blessing.

Once blessed, the intention is released, surrendered to the universe.

Reviewing the power of an intention is a great segue into Source since an all-knowing Source is always behind my humble intentions.

As I write about Source, one big dog and one little dog lounging beside me, I’m thinking about the word as an origination point. Everything I see, feel and experience, in this moment and in past and future moments, has a starting thought, an instance of beginning. 

Everything you see, feel and experience, everything my neighbor sees, feels and experiences, heck, even what my dogs and your dogs and my neighbor’s dogs see feel and experience has an instant of fruition. 

Without getting too woo-woo, it occurs to me that all of those markers of a beginning are in addition to the origin of me, you, my neighbor and my dogs. We experience origination points out there–in our sensory world–and inside–as the origination of all our new ideas, inspirations and interpretations.

A phenomenal creative process, don’t you think?

My point is not to try to enumerate what can’t possibly be counted or tallied.  There is no keeping score or tracing back originating instances to their first inception.  There is no examination of intersections as if we’re creating one gigantic genealogical tree.

What is the point then?

The point is there is no point.  Literally.  There can’t be.  There is, however, Source.

Isn’t this fun?  I love this kind of contemplation!  I also love this simple, humble thought:

In the beginning, God.

There is nothing else.  Only one source, one Power, one God.  And, since there is nothing else, there is no opposite.  There is only God.

You may call the Source something else entirely.  Terrific!  In fact, good for you for taking that stand.  I choose God as the defining, overarching word for Source because it’s a palindrome of Dog and I love dogs.  You may have noticed but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a small reminder.

Political journalist turned Unity minister, Ellen Debenport, in her book The Five Principles, A Guide to Practical Spirituality, writes, “Principle One affirms that God is all there is.  God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent–not all powerful but all power, not all knowing but all knowledge, and present everywhere.

“God is the stars, the rocks, the animals, the people.  God is the love, the creativity, the wisdom that human beings express.  All that we are and have is God, and we can never be separate from that universal power.”

Beautiful words and thank you, Ellen, for your soul-touching work. 

Thank you, too, dear readers, for carrying an energetic torch with which to join all other light emanating from Source.

In the beginning, God . . .

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