3 Questions to Help Your Life Bloom This Spring

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I adore the first sensory sensations of spring, don’t you?

Texas affords me the chance to see and feel and hear Mother Natures’s awakening much sooner than did all those years in Missouri.  Around here, the Bradford Pear and Redbud trees have blossomed, tulips are in full bloom and I saw my first patch of bluebonnets the other day.

More than the sights of spring, I am addicted to the renewal of spring, to the symbolic meanings of hope, re-birth and do-overs.

During this time of year, all things are once again possible because all things are brand new again.

Another cycle of life is spinning.  Out of the drab season of winter when everything from plants and animals to thoughts and ideas lay dormant, comes the regeneration of all things beautiful.

Soon–right around Easter–my own beautiful dream will spring forth, representing decades of hopeful anticipation.

I knew that I would one day be a professional writer; in fact, I achieved that status years ago with my first published articles in trade publications. But with the relaunch of B Here Today, I feel like I am that person I’ve waited to become.

Why did I wait?  I firmly believe that our choices create our circumstances which become the definition we wrap around our lives.

I chose circumstances that created safety for myself for many, many years.  I believed I was happy, but the problem with safety is that it confines.  My dreams never grew; they remained buried in winter and eventually became the winter of my discontent.

Then, quite suddenly, I changed my mind.  Those circumstances were no longer acceptable to me.  I knew I needed a new life-defining wrap, something that still provided a bit of safety but also held me loosely enough so that the growth of my dreams could sprout through.

Now, I am definitely bursting out!

I want you to have a similar spring-like experience!

So my question to you is three-fold:

1)  Are you making good choices for yourself today?  Is today–Thursday, March 8, 2012–filled with heart-centered decisions that you, and no one else, has made for yourself?  If not, then it’s time to take charge of your day because this day is the only day that is guaranteed.

2)  Are you satisfied with your circumstances or are you wildly excited about them?  Please, please, please don’t ever settle for anything less than the very best for the circumstances of your life.  Enough said.

3)  Is the wrap around you–the definition of your life–too tight, too loose or just right?  I know, it sounds like The Three Bears story, but seriously, sometimes we need to check our life garments to see whether they need resizing.  If you need a bigger size, go shopping for something that is beautifully just right!

And one more question:  In this 2012 spring season, are you ready to burst out in bloom?  If not, get ready, my friends!  There is no time like the present!


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  1. Becky Vance says:

    I love the questions you ask us to consider, especially the one about being satisfied vs. “wildly excited” – you have such a way to speaking right to my heart through your writing. Can’t wait for the re-launch and everything it means for you! You have been working hard and deserve to celebrate!

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