3 Tools to Help You Practice Gratitude

One of the things I so enjoy is funneling really cool stuff to you.

I’m not an original thinker; what you get from me each time you read a post is my perspective on what I see or experience.  And often what I experience happens as a result of reading other bloggers’ take on subjects that are dear to my heart or simply “happening” across life tools.

Sharing them with you through the Inspirational Pipeline is a great joy.  When we share our connections, we link ourselves closer together, don’t you think?  Despite our political, economic or cultural differences, there are many topics around which we can commonly gather and perhaps in the gathering, learn more about ourselves and each other.

In that spirit, this Mindful Monday post features thoughts and tools to practice thanksgiving and gratitude.  This month, more than most Novembers, we can all use a few extra helpings of thankful appreciation.  So, in no particular order, please enjoy these links to truly great ideas about gratitude.

Why Living a Life of Gratitude Can Make You Happy

Leo Baubauta writes Zen Habits and this post about gratitude, written several years ago, is a classic.

Why should the simple act of thinking about who and what I’m grateful for make such a big difference in my life?

Just a few reasons:

  • Because it reminds you of the positive things in your life
  • Because it turns bad things into good things
  • Because it reminds you of what’s important
  • Because it reminds you to thank others

Leo gives good tips on practicing gratitude and at the end of the post, includes a perfect (his word) prayer of gratitude.  Click here to read more.

Go Gratitude Experiment

Stacey Robyn is the founder of Go Gratitude and author of “42 days of knew views on Gratitude.”  I stumbled across her site, thanks go Google (although I think Stacey would say it was synchronicity) and am perched at the beginning of a 42-day gratitude experiment.

Stacey claims that gratitude is the master key to life and says that through the next 42 days, I will:

  • feel better instantly
  • enjoy supportive, synergistic, exciting relationships
  • increase your prosperity and abundance
  • experience vibrant health
  • know peace of mind
  • supercharge your creative juices
  • magnetize the realization of your dreams 
    and goals
  • make a profound difference in the lives
    of many people
Can you resist?  I sure couldn’t and am up for the experiment.  Click here for more.

Gratitude Journal App

With the tag line “change your thoughts, change your life,” HappyTappers iPhone and iPad app is super cool.  After downloading the app to my iPhone 5, I entered my first list of 5 things I’m grateful for today.  You can pull in the app’s daily quote, add a photo, rate the day, add the weather and have fun with this visual grati-tool.

It’s been said (and proven by some) that it takes 21 days to change a behavior or attitude.  HappyTappers suggests recording daily gratitude lists for at least 30 days to see how your life changes.

It’s been featured in USA Today, Good Morning America and Oprah, so this Gratitude Journal must work.  Are you willing to try it with me?  Check it out here.

There are countless ways to practice gratitude.  Two final thoughts:  1)  Remember, it’s about practice, not perfection, and 2) You only willingness to try.  If these tools don’t work, try others.  And share them here on the Inspirational Pipeline!

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  1. Becky says:

    What a fabulous post! I am grateful for it and the person who wrote it. I’ve already downloaded the app and written down my five things for today. Thanks for giving me such a useful tool for living!

  2. LaDonna Coy says:

    Hi Beth! This is such a great post and a bit synchronous for me too. Last week I met this really amazing young man who has an incredible story related to our work in prevention. Moreover he has taken his experience, written about it and offers his experience and perspective in The Miracle Morning. We could all use a miracle morning, yes? http://themiraclemorning.com/

    Now to download that app!

    • Beth says:

      I KNOW how you feel about synchronicity, LaDonna! Very cool story and I can’t wait to check out The Miracle Morning! Let me know how you like the app; I am sure digging it!

      B well, my friend, and let’s connect for lunch soon!

  3. Hi Beth,

    Love your post about gratitude. It is well written. So fitting for this time of year. Leo can put words together with such grace and perfection. Love his four reasons. I will definitely check out the Gratitude App. I usually do journal almost everyday, and add my gratitudes at the end. Thanks so much and I’m grateful to have met you!!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you, Cathy. I respect your work so much and am honored by your thoughtfulness. As for gratitude, like everything else, when I put my attention there, nourishing gratitude as I would plants in my garden, gratitude blossoms into a whole new outlook and attitude. Today has been a long and weary travel day for work, but I noticed it was pretty effortless. I owe that to gratitude!

      P.S. I am grateful for YOU!

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