5 Healing Thoughts

This week’s quotes are actually borrowed from Melody Beattie’s The Language of Letting Go.  On August 17, she writes about transforming reality with healing thoughts.  My autographed copy of Melody’s book is dog-eared from a bunch of years of use and I love it when just the right daily meditation jumps from the pages.  I’ve been having some tough days and have moved to and fro off my comfortable and balanced middle.  This reading, which I’ve broken into five parts–one for each day this week–brings me back to a mindful center.  Thank God!

Please enjoy.


When you feel anger or resentment, ask God to help you feel it, learn from it, and then release it.  Ask Him to bless those who you feel anger toward. Ask Him to bless you too.


When you feel fear, ask Him to take it from you.  When you feel misery, force gratitude.  When you feel deprived, know that there is enough.  When you feel ashamed, reassure yourself that who are are is okay.  You are good enough.


When you doubt your timing or your present position in life, assure yourself that all is well; you are right where you’re meant to be.  Reassure yourself that others are too.  When you ponder the future, tell yourself that it will be good.  When you look back at the past, relinquish regrets.


When you notice problems, affirm there will be a timely solution and a gift from the problem. When you resist feelings or thoughts, practice acceptance.  When you feel discomfort, know that it will pass.  When you identify a want or a need, tell yourself it will be met.


When you worry about those you love, ask God to protect and care for them.  When you worry about yourself, ask Him to do the same.  When you think about others, think love.  When you think about yourself, think love.

Throughout the week, as you live in the presence of transforming your days through healing thoughts, please know that you are precious, you are blessed and you are loved as you are.

B Well, share, and let us know how your reality transforms!

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  1. Becky Vance says:

    Love these and really will focus on using them this week. Thank you for sharing!

  2. LaDonna Coy says:

    Thank you so much Beth for this post. I really needed this today. Breathing deep, feeling grateful, taking these words in and marinading 🙂 “When you feel anger or resentment, ask God to help you feel it, learn from it, and then release it.” Never thought to ask to “feel it” … adds a whole new perspective.

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