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Andy Dooley loves to have fun!  But, he is completely serious when he talks about life being a celebration!

I met Andy recently when he gave his patented Vibration Activation workshop in Dallas.  If you haven’t seen his presentation, RUN to his website http://andydooley.com  for all his cool stuff.  Andy is an author, artist, poet, professional speaker extraordinaire and spiritual comedian.  He’s the younger half of the Dooley brothers–in 1989 he and brother Mike, along with their mother, started TUT.com, Totally Unique Thoughts.

I don’t want to steal Andy’s thunder here–by the way, he gave me permission to tell you all about my fantastic experience at Vibration Activation–but I do want to focus on his belief that life is a celebration.

Today’s the perfect day for Andy’s wisdom.

Why?  Because today is my BIRTHDAY and I ALWAYS can’t wait to celebrate my birthday!  It’s like I get infected by the fun bug once the calendar flips from March 31.  (As an aside, we began an April Fools’ Day contest here at B Here Today that is fun-cubed throughout the month of April.  Click here for more info. http://bheretoday.com/2012/04/how-to-not-b-foolish-on-april-fools-day/

Because it’s my birthday AND Mindful Monday, I’d like to share some take-aways with you.  These are also the seven reason why Andy is FABULOUS!  There is no way to really feel his event until you’re in Andy’s presence (Presents?  Did someone say presents?) but I hope you’ll get a snapshot from this reading.

Takeaway #1:  Vibration Activation is a critical thought process that has specific action steps to take you from releasing a negative thought to creating a new story for yourself and deliberately attracting good to you.

Takeaway #2:  The first action step in the Vibration Activation process is to clear out the negative with these words:  STOP, CANCEL, CLEAR.  GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE! (another F-word is optional and often desirable).

Takeaway #3:  We spend too much time and energy focusing our feelings on the problems of our lives, so that becomes the vibration that the Universe gives back to us.  When we visualize positive feelings–not expectations of outcomes–a new vibration gets attracted to us.

Takeaway #4:  When we’re doing this work, it’s important to insert a Transition Story into the gap between STOP, CANCEL, CLEAR, GET THE FEAR OUT OF HERE and channeling the Beach Boys by picking up good vibrations.  The Transition Story is about working with a second person to relay back and forth for no less than 68 seconds (a mysterious quantum and relative amount of time) statements that begin with a combination of I am beginning to, I am becoming and I am allowing.  Do those rapid fire.  I am beginning to live my dream.  I am allowing positive thoughts into my life.  I am becoming more focused on my good.

Takeaway #5:  There is an optional pre-step to the Transition Story process.  If those three affirmative statements are uncomfortable, it’s completely okay to precede them with the words THAT’S RIGHT.  That’s Right, I am beginning to live my dream.  That’s Right, I am allowing positive thoughts into my life.  That’s Right, I am becoming more focused on my good.

Takeaway #6:  Andy plays this game called Zip, Zap, Zop.  It was crazily fun, mostly because there was no point.  No winner.  In fact, the game is simply five or six people standing in a circle pointing their clapped hands at each other saying as fast as they can:  (Clap) Zip.  (Clap) Zap.  (Clap) Zop.  When someone messes up, everybody says YAY!! and claps more!  Wouldn’t life be a great adventure if we all played Zip, Zap, Zop?

Takeaway #7:  The brain is not designed to figure out the details of how something will be done.  Andy says, “Let go of the how, stay focused on the WOW.  Surrender to the outcome of the thing, live in the feeling and let the universe deliver the how.”  FOCUS ON THE FEELING, baby!

Simple.  Easy.  Fun.  It’s my birthday, so let’s eat cake!  Class dismissed!

B Well & FUN!

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  1. Andy says:

    WooHoo! Thanks Beth! You’re a great writer! Thanks for taking the time to blog about me and my work, very much appreciated!

    WooHoo! ANdy

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