7 Ways to Say, “I Believe in You”

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Some weeks back, during a period of low self-esteem, I opened a Hallmark greeting card from my sweetie.  It read:

“Life is easy,” says the cloud.

“No, life is hard,” the rock replies.

“Long, long,” the mountain echoes.

“Oh, so brief,” the snowflake sighs.

“Nothing changes,” yawns the sun.

“It’s always new,” exclaims the tree.

“Full of tears,” the ocean murmurs.

“Full of sweetness,” hums the bee.

Every life on earth is different.  

Every heart must figure out how to find real happiness and what this world is all about.

Let that little voice inside you guide you and you’ll make it through.

You’ve got everything it takes.

Believe in that.  

Believe in you.

The card sits on my desk still and periodically she reminds me that she believes in me and my dreams.

Everyone needs someone who says, “I believe in you.”

The words are easy enough to say, but harder to have their meaning felt.  Let these seven belief-starters help you get the ball rolling.  Notice that the sentences are present, not future-based.

I believe you are achieving . . . 

. . . the dreams you were born to experience. Your intuitive nature and your creativity brings you right-place, right-time circumstances that boggle your mind and tickle your toes.

I believe you are reaching . . . 

. . . for the you that only you can be.  Reaching is good for you because it stretches you beyond what you thought were your capabilities.  We’ll soon be calling you Gumby!

I believe you are tackling . . . 

. . . life’s challenges, one-by-one.  There is no need to feel overwhelmed.  Listen to your gut (but ignore the hunger rumbles!) because it’s closely connected to your heart.

I believe you are enjoying . . . 

. . . all the health, happiness and prosperity that you deserve.  Do not ever think you are unworthy!  Don’t make me stop this car!

I believe you are filled with . . . 

. . . the compassion and peace that makes you a friend to many.  Why do you think people call you and say, “Do you have a minute?”  It’s not because they want your recipe for butterscotch mousse.

I believe you are living . . . 

. . . in harmony with your faith and values.  Does “to thine own self be true” ring any bells?

I believe in you because . . . 

. . . you are strong and competent and talented.  And because no one can be the glorious you that is you.

If you’re feeling out-of-touch, off-balance, a little down or off-your-feed, as my mother used to say, consider yourself touched by one who believes in you.

Rest assured, there are others.  Believe me.

Photo courtesy of The Peace & Love Train

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  1. Galen Pearl says:

    What a lovely card, and a sweet gesture to give it to you. It’s to sustain that belief during difficult times. All the more important to hear it from someone else. What a blessing we can be to each other in this way. PS–I believe in you, too!

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