9 Timely Thoughts About Time

Time-passages--Buy-meHave you ever wondered how to tell the difference between wasting time vs. practicing a relaxing activity?

When is watching TV not a waste of time? Or scrolling through your favorite social media platform?

For me, knowing the difference between the two means understanding mindful intent and awareness. If you’re present to scrolling around on social media or watching TV, you’re not wasting time because you are present. You have deliberately chosen a passive activity–for however long you choose.

Passing time in rooms filled with disconnected people

Whenever I’m waiting with a group of people I don’t know–say in a doctor’s office or car dealership–I’m usually the only person whose nose is parallel to the floor instead of perpendicular. My iPhone is tucked in my pocket or purse so I’m not looking down.

Instead, I’m watching and waiting for someone to look up from their hand-held devices.

I’m dying to smile at them and start a little conversation.

I refuse to exist in a room of people for any amount of time without connecting!

Time is a precious commodity. Since there are times when we can’t choose who we spend time with, we can at least bring value to the time spent together. Would it kill you to ask someone how their day is going?

Be the connector! Fill the void! Shake up humanity!

Touch someone’s heart. I guarantee that your gesture, no matter how small, will serve you well.

In the essence of time . . .

. . . I bring you nine thoughts about time. I hope you’ll sit with each of them, do a little pondering, and then pass them on. Take the time.

May all your moments add up to peaceful time this week.




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  1. Sheri says:

    Really like the nine quotes and thoughts. So,so true.

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