A God Poem

I returned last night from San Antonio where we (upwards of 50,000 people from all over the world) celebrated the miracles of sobriety and recovery.  I chatted with folks from Australia, Germany, Norway, Canada and Mexico, along with others from too many states to list.  To say that the experience was amazing would be the understatement of the last five years–since the last international convention in 2005.

In honor of all those who traveled the airways and roadways to Texas, and for the thousands we represented, I offer these words.

God is.

A simple thing, really, but one that bounces along the outline of thoughts

Like shiny, silver balls from a youthful pinball machine

Careening against tiles and crashing into glass until unexpectedly,

The ball stops.


But in the two-second interval until propelled motion engages,

In a holy fraction of time, five letters intervene,

Interrupting momentum.

A single space and period join two words that shift the pattern,

Refocus the thoughts, redirect the outline until

B follows A and the complex becomes uncomplicated.

God is.

A simple thing, really.

Easily overlooked in the perpetual pursuit of difficulties

And magnification of mental acrobatics.

Leapfrogging from quip to idea to solution,

Ever striving for that elusive answer.

Here, there, around this corner, under that rock?

Easy to forget that simple thing.

God is.

I am.

We are complete; an impenetrable force field of good,

A design for living that transcends all thought, rises above mere thinking.

God is.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing the gift of your writing. It touches my soul.

  2. LaDonna Coy says:

    Thank you for this beautiful message, it causes me pause to be appreciative and grateful for the poet and the subject.

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