A Little of This and That

Writing sustains me. 

Sitting down with paper and pen to journal or opening my net book to string together a few sentences and paragraphs brings me joy and smooths out the rough patches that I’ve created in my life path.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I have created and/or invited every single pebble, stone and boulder that occupies space along my otherwise powder-sand trek through my days.

I know that when I focus on writing, my mental beach is pristine and free of debris. So why has it been more than two weeks since I’ve posted here?  Because–and this will shock those of you with a predilection for the 12 steps–I don’t always do what’s best for me.  In fact, there are times when I dig my feet in the sand–and get stuck.

Sticky-stuck times

Here’s the really cool part:  It doesn’t matter because I’m learning to love those quicksand times.


At the core of all purpose work–my purpose being to create–is love.  Mindy Audlin believes–and I agree–that every step, even the ones that take us to failure, must be approached lovingly in order to fulfill my purpose. (for more about Mindy, go to http://whatifup.com/)

That sure eliminates the need for resentment, fear and anger.  But if they come up, I hit ’em with love.

I gotta love it all?

Yes!  Loving the wrong turns, the slipping into quicksand thinking, the actions of others that cause me pain, the circumstances that are circumtances that are way less than desirable–really loving them, not merely accepting or tolerating them–is the one surefire way to live on purpose.

We all have an unending supply of love available to us.  The well never dries so that I can dip my cup into love whenever I want and then upturn it on the top of my head.  Can’t you just picture love flowing all the way down your body, forming a protective shield?  Don’t you LOVE that image?

We have the power.  We have the tools.  We have the choice.  I do, you do, and if we throw God into the mix, heck, we can truly accomplish anything!

To Be or Not to Be?  Why not B Here Today?  (that Billy S., he was way before his time, wasn’t he?)

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