Adjustment Bureau

Movie-watching ranks on my Top 10 list of enjoyable activities, but only if the movie meets my criteria of “having a deeper meaning.”  Unlike most of the rest of the movie-going crowd, it is rare for me to want to simply escape into a mindless movie.

Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not a fine arts cinema kind of gal, although I’ve been to my fair share of artsy films.  No, when I describe movies, they are mainstream, action-packed, love-infused, hilariously comedic (but not to the point of stupid) movies.

They have meaning.

I want to be moved.  I want to have my thoughts provoked.  I want to have the over-arching theme of the movie stay with me for days, and . . .

I want to relate to the bigness of a meaningful movie’s theme.

It’s rare for me to make a movie recommendation. But for Mindful Monday, I’m making an exception.  Here’s why:

While this photo shot from the inside of a cave is not a part of the movie’s action, it is a part of the film’s theme.

My central takeaway idea–the theme that has stayed with me for days–from The Adjustment Bureau is that a person can spend her life on plan (a description from the movie of following the path that has been laid out for her by The Chairman) OR she can let her spirit perch on the railing of life and then fly into the unknown.

As you may imagine, it is this deviation from the Plan that causes the movie’s conflict and drama.

And fulfills my necessary criteria of having deeper meaning.  Rent the movie and tell me what you think the deeper meaning means.  A great Mindful Monday to you!



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  1. I have not seen “The Adjustment Bureau,” but will definitely check it out. I recently saw “The Tree of Life,” an artsy film, which is very rare for me to see. It’s one of those movies that I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It is doing quite well in the ratings, but very different, not as much dialogue as most. Thanks for sharing, will check yours out.

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