All That Jazz(y)

This is a picture-perfect morning.  Writing on the balcony, Jazzy in my lap (practicing her acceptance of the street noises), World Market’s caramel latte coffee, the sun on my legs and a beautiful Saturday morning laid out before me.  I am blessed.

I read earlier that Jesus referred to four types of love, the most commonly known–and my favorite–being agape love.  Agape is Greek for God’s all-encompassing love.

I think of agape love and this little dog lying on my lap.  We know nothing of her past prior to her rescue by the saintly people at HART (Humane Animal Rescue Team) but it can’t be good.  She cowers frequently, loud and sudden noises send her running for cover.  I watch her though, in the three weeks we’ve had her, grow a little less timid each day.

Jazzy, and all the dogs I’ve loved, possess agape love.  As I observe her familiarizing herself with her surroundings and growing more comfortable with her urban home, I think of how easy she makes adjusting look.  But then I realize that her level of comfort is made easier by her trust in her higher power, in her two moms.  She relies on us to guide her, to lead her, to feed her and to play with her.

Sounds like my higher power.  That kind of inner trust and belief is but a breath away from becoming an outer decision.  Dogs have an intuitive ability to live their lives easily from the inside out.

Jazzy, you’re my role model!   

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