B Grateful That the Worst is Over

I had a post prepared for today, a little ditty about the month of November and gratitude; folks in recovery have a tradition of paying close attention to gratitude during this month since it coincides nicely with the 11th Step:

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him.

But my little ditty post seems insignificant in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Last week’s super-storm along the east coast of the United States leaves massive devastation and clean up this week.  Folks in the Mid-Atlantic states start a new week bleary-eyed and dazed, many still without power and mass transit problems.

My company’s office in Manhattan was closed all of last week.  My colleagues are all okay, although I know for sure they have stories to tell of bravery, anxious days and perhaps even loss of life among friends or family.

When it comes to tragedy, New Yorkers (and by association, the good folks of New Jersey), know more than most how how the show must go on.

I’m grateful for their enduring spirits.

Tomorrow’s “other” United States event

My little ditty gratitude post about November also seems weak when, next to Hurricane Sandy, the only thing on American minds is November 6, Election Day.

One more day until this acrimonious election season is over; one more day until our television airwaves go back to being mostly regular nonsense, instead of political nonsense.

Both sides seem confident of a victory but I can’t help but wonder whether they’ve lost sight of who the real victors are supposed to be–the American people.

Both claim to know what’s best for our country; both sides believe they have a winner-take-all solution.

And yet, although Americans are mercifully released from the stranglehold of vicious campaigning, they can feel no real relief until our country settles on firmer ground.  They need–you need–solid steps toward reducing the choking national debt, increasing jobs and most importantly, shrinking the divisiveness among our people.

I’m grateful for a hopeful heart that we’re headed in that direction.

The ditty post about gratitude

In the post that I’m not posting, I wrote about with Halloween behind us, marketers would have you believe that it’s a mad dash through November toward the end-of-year holidays.

I’m asking you not to fall for the hype.  Advertisers manufacture a sense of rush when there really is no hurry.

Your holiday cards and shopping don’t need to be finished by Thanksgiving.  There will be plenty of time after the November holiday that all-too-often gets short-sheeted by rascally advertising people.

Instead, I’m asking you to breathe through each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving.  Linger over your small and large doses of gratitude.  Soak them up and draw them into your heart.

Make gratitude an action word this month.  Make a point each day to:  Express your thanks for at least three things, and do something for at least one person as a way giving back.

While these actions may not create lasting memories (although they may!), I promise that you’ll bring pockets of appreciation to your day and someone else’s.  The gift of the present moment is a fine one indeed.

Today, I’m grateful for ___________________________ (fill in the blank).  I am grateful for YOU!

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