Balance Point: Where Intention and Integrity Meet

Here’s my intention for B Here Today: I want to help you balance your life “out there” with the peace of your being, the part that resides “in here.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  But what does it mean?

Admittedly, I’ve struggled a bit on the two or three occasions when I’ve been asked to explain BHT’s purpose.  Then, last month, I attended a workshop in Austin, TX hosted by Marcia Wieder, CEO and founder of Dream University.

She said something that really resonated with me.  She said that phenomenal things occur when intention meets up with integrity.

That’s it, I thought!  That’s the balance point needed for peace and serenity.  When your intentions (what’s “out there”) intersect with your integrity (what’s “in here”), you find a point of harmony.

And harmony is what we all want, isn’t it?

Setting your intentions

Have you ever said you intended to do something but then never followed through with action steps?

A couple of months ago, I set an intention to take better care of my spiritual needs, but I failed to take action, which Marcia says is the only thing that deters doubt, fear, reality and insanity (I added the last word.).

Not only did I not take action, I deliberately chose inaction.  I stopped doing one of the things that is spiritual medicine for me–I stopped going to my 12-step meetings.  Call it an experiment.

I laid it all out nicely in my head–which as anyone in recovery knows, is a dangerous place to hang out.

I fell in with the pack of people that Marcia describes as “most people”–those who have one foot in reality (the reality they make up) and the other foot in doubt.

The place I created for myself was manufactured, solitary and only temporarily peaceful.  I say manufactured because I repeated a mantra of “I am happy.  I am fine,” to trick myself into believing I was at peace.

My made-up playground was mine alone–I pushed everyone else out of bounds.  It was temporary because I think I knew in my heart of hearts that it wouldn’t–and couldn’t–last.

Of myself I am nothing

Life is not meant to be a sentence of solitary confinement.  Ah, but my ego sure believes it might be worth a try.

The unhappy ending to this story–the darkness before the dawn–is that I was massively out of integrity with myself.  Marcia says that when we’re not in integrity, we’re not living in peace, love and joy.

Today, I’m tossing aside that ego-generated reality and writing a new ending.  I’m holding tight to Marcia’s words, “Intention with integrity is the combined stake in the ground for living the dream.”

Is there an area in your life where you have good intentions but are having trouble with follow-up actions?  Please know that we are all capable of inaction from time to time.

If it’s a perpetual trouble spot for you, though, you may be out of integrity with an agreement you’ve made with yourself or with someone else.  Let this be your first action step:  Fix your agreement!

Then sit back and watch the next steps fall into logical order as your stake sinks further and further into your balanced life.

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  1. Priska says:

    I have started doing the same, just using different words. Instead of following goals, aspirations, to find work life balance, I now follow my values. I ask ‘Is this moving me toward what I value’? This can come in any form of any action in life from how I share with others (is it gossip) to what I eat (if I value my body is this what I need)to work (is this providing value to others). By following ones values there is no need to weigh up work life balance, it simply feels balanced.

    • Beth says:

      Priska, you raise a thought-provoking idea and one I’m going to ponder. I have heard it said by others that true balance is impossible because one of the two sides of the balancing act is forever shifting. With your suggestion and if I understand you, balance happens more naturally because it simply happens as a product of right actions or right decisions. Hmmm . . . I like it, I think!

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