Beach Nut

I’ve decided that I’m a beach nut and that I adore the seashore, the water rolling in both gentle and crashing waves and the hard packed sand. 

Whether walking along the water’s edge searching for sea treasures or sitting on a bench observing the myriad teaming forms of life, I am at my most peaceful when I’m ocean side.

This last week found me transfixed by sensory perceptions as we explored the Del Mar, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and La Jolla beaches in southern California.  I was acutely aware of being present to the feel of the ocean breezes as I continually turned my face to them and sighed.  Same with the sun’s rays that massaged my skin before penetrating to meld with inner, spiritual rays of light.

heard the beach’s accompanying sounds of gulls and seals and water connecting with land.  Waves can roll on forever but their power is only truly known when they touch land.  Isn’t it the same as my earlier description of sunlight connecting with inner light?  One plus the other equals spiritual power.

I saw the palette of color change from aqua to ocean blue depending on the water’s depth.  And those contrasting white foamy waves . . .

There were also the shades of pink and yellow and orange sea-side blooms framed by the ocean’s colors.  Stunningly beautiful.

Green everywhere along the boardwalks above the sand hosted great multitudes of dog breeds (often in packs of two’s and three’s).  Ah, the life of a SO CAL pooch whether she be Pug or Pyrenees.  The tiny terriers, whose weight barely held them above the sand, did fine there, as did the Alaskan Huskies.  The blue-eyed creatures we met actually ran a leg of the Iditarod once–quite a climate change!

All God’s creatures, great and small, in the ocean and out.  Interconnected beings that whether winged or finned, two-legged, four- or multied, all share the common heritage of the water of One Creator.

It is the circle of life we share on our round planet that takes us from beginning to end, never in a straight line, always perpetually looping out, then back, like the sea rocking the shore.

Let us be every aware of our connections and how we gain our power.  I find myself refreshed by the ocean and would love to hear how you plug-in through nature.  Whatever your path, I pray you find the strength of your connection there.

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  1. Becky says:

    I love any kind of water but particularly the ocean, and I love the way that you describe spending time there it in this post. Refreshing. Plugged-in. I could spend hours walking amidst the sea foam, soaking up the sun’s warm rays, listening to the crashing waves and hunting for sea shells that “speak” to me. Every time I find that special heart-shaped shell, I feel like God is reminding me of His unconditional love for me, and affirming the love I am blessed to have in my life. It’s amazing to me how just being at the ocean gives me a feeling of being un-plugged from the world and so plugged-in to God. Life is good!

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