Begin with Yes, Then Watch Out!


As I write this, it’s been about 24 hours since a random Facebook post crossed my line of sight.  You know how that is, you scroll through a lot of nothing until something catches your eye.

In my case, yesterday, a photo stopped my scrolling.  The picture was an invitation to look through an open door onto a grassy path leading to a blue-green ocean. The post was written by Paul Boynton; here’s what he wrote:

I am going to ask you to help me get free downloads of “Begin with Yes” into the hands of people who could use a message of hope right now. Please let your friends know that anyone dealing with financial challenges or unemployment can download a free copy by clicking on the “Special Offer” on “Begin with Yes” home page today. Here’s the link: Thanks for your help.

Begin with Yes

Shoot, I thought, I’ve become fairly adept at creative financial management during this first year of self-employment but I really don’t want to live paycheck-to-paycheck forever.  So I checked out Paul’s website.

These words had me racing for the special offer button:  Law of Attraction, meet the Law of Action.

Whoa.  Paul was speaking my language.

I downloaded the book and then sent an email to Paul thanking him (and justifying my free download!).  He sent the sweetest note back to me that read in part, Beth, I am so feeling like this is the perfect time for you and the book to meet.  Sending you good and loving vibes, Paul.

Turns out he’s right.  This is the perfect time as I make plans to jump into a work partnership with a good friend of mine.  Which reminds me, she’ll be all over Begin with Yes!

Paul lays out a proven method of moving beyond affirmations and positive attitudes to taking positive action.

I’m halfway through the short book and I have a better understanding of how the whole thing works.  It’s soooo simple and mindful!

How it works

Paul, whose credentials include CEO, corporate consultant, motivational speaker, and professional and personal coach, first asks that you identify challenges, opportunities and dreams that could be actionable for you.

Think about relationships, your job, community volunteering, or snorkeling off the barrier reef.

Then, ask yourself some questions around each of your challenges, opportunities and dreams.  If you want to learn to snorkel, questions might look like, “Who do I know that knows how or snorkel or can put me in touch with someone who does?  What equipment do I need? Where can I take lessons?”

The questions lead directly into the positive action steps.  The “who do you know” question creates the action item of “Call Bobby.  He has a friend who works in the dive shop downtown.”

Bobby gets you the name and you take the next action step of calling or dropping by the dive shop.

Full disclosure time:  I haven’t read far enough in the book to know what to do when questions and tasks lead to obstacles.  I was tempted to read ahead and give you the low-down, but decided instead to give you the fun of reading it.

Paul has a great conversational style of writing; in fact, the book is in a Q&A format.  Here’s the link again if you’d like to check it out (and I hope you do!):  Let me know what you think.

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