Blessed Be, My Dear Diana

If there is such a thing as a perfect Sunday morning, this is it.  Oh, I suppose it could be better if I were at the beach listening to the pounding surf, but then it would be a different perfect Sunday morning.

My beloved cousin Diana died two mornings ago.  Her death does not tarnish my perfect morning because Diana’s faith ran deep and strong and although unexpected, if she were with me now she would ask me to accept God’s will.  I am comforted knowing she’s running with heaven’s angels now, unencumbered by the limitations of a physical body.

Seven months ago when Mom passed, Diana was one of my rocks.  At that time, she would have been startled to learn that her time here was so limited.  Not shocked, or upset or disbelieving because she inherently trusted God’s plan. 

She would ask me to do the same now.

Diana’s flowers, her pride and joy and part of her legacy

Our spiritual and family connections deepened in the months following my mom’s death.  Her mom and mine were not only first cousins but best friends.  Diana had become a big sister to me, someone I went to for counsel and wisdom.  We shared many common bonds, chief of which was the belief in truth, especially self-truth.

Diana was one of my biggest supporters when I made my holistic life change in August 2009.  She said, “If you’re true to yourself, Cuz, if you’re doing what feels right, then it is right in God’s eyes.”

We didn’t see each other much, seldom spoke on the phone.  Diana lived–and died–fully present to her life and trusted me to do the same.  She loved me unconditionally and therefore hadn’t a need for my life’s minutae.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested, far from it.  All she really cared was whether I was happy.  Actually, she was one of the first to bless my happiness and I’ll never forget the mile-wide smile that met my news that I was moving to Texas.

When you hold another’s heart, what more of a connection is needed?

I can count on one hand the number of people in my life who hold the same status of heart keeper.  Diana was among those people and I shall miss her for as long as I breathe.

Thinking of the twinkle in her eye will always cause me to smile, especially on these perfect Sunday mornings. 

Kiss Mama for me, will you, Cuz?

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  1. Laura says:

    Beth – What a beautiful tribute to your cousin. She sounds like a lovely soul. I am sorry for your loss, but happy that you had someone so special in your life.

    • Beth Wilson says:

      Laura, thank you, dear friend, for sensing the connection between Diana and me. I am blessed beyond measure by the people who populate my life.

  2. Anne Wayman says:

    “Heart keeper!” I love that term and it’s new to me. Yes, I have one, maybe two in my life right now and what blessings they truly are. Thank you and your cousin for this.

    • Beth Wilson says:

      Anne, I am grateful for your words and for your visit to B Here Today. My mission is to help folks think about where they are, who they’re with and how to better see miracles even in the smallest moment of time. Blessings to you this day!

  3. Hello Beth! I came here from a link of one of the blogs you commented on. And I’m inspired by your faith in our connection with our loved ones, a connection that cannot be broken even by death. There is such a peace in your writing that I believe resonates from the peace in your heart and your life. May you continue to bless and touch other people’s lives!

    A Poem For a Beloved One

    where would you go
    that i cannot follow?
    for how long must i wait
    until we meet again?
    what would i do
    in times that i miss you?
    where would i go
    in times when i long to see you again?
    how must i spend
    the nights without you?
    how do i bear
    each morning that you’re not there?
    shall i ever smile again?
    will i ever laugh again?
    will i ever face the world again
    knowing that im not alone?
    why must you leave me?
    why must i cry these tears
    when you’re not here
    to wipe them all away?
    why must i suffer
    the empty days without my beloved?
    why must i dream
    without you by my side?
    the days shall never be the same again
    i will never be the same again
    without you
    the life of my soul,
    the joy of my heart,
    the light in my eyes,
    the hope of my dreams,
    the comfort of my lonely nights,
    without you my beloved,
    i grieve and cry,
    i grope and stumble in the dark,
    i weep with all my soul
    i desire with all my heart
    i let go of all of me that you took away with you
    i keep all of you that is in me,
    and will always remain in me
    wherever i may go
    i wait and pray and hope
    i will look forward to each brand new day
    thankful for all that i’ve had and will always have
    thankful for the sun that shines again
    believing and hanging on
    believing that life will go on
    it can’t help but go on
    it shall go on
    and in so going
    there really is no end
    only mornings and evenings
    and life that never ever ends.

    • Beth Wilson says:

      Dear Joyce, I am awed and touched by your words. I do write from the peace in my heart, although sometimes I have to dig pretty deep! Your feedback inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing–as we all should–once we connect with an inner stream of faith. Blessings to you and thank you for the beautiful poem. I treasure it.

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