12 Steps

2011 Word #3: Order

I’ve been moaning to myself about my life being out of order.  It just feels all jumbled up right now.  I’d really like for the whole thing to be fixed so I can get on with the business of doing what I do, which apparently is to obsess about regaining control of that which is uncontrolable.

In the meantime, my ego is trying to trick me.  “Girl, you’ll be just fine (and we know what FINE really means!), just keep juggling; you’re getting really good at catching  those spinning plates.”

I don’t know if I’m not spiritual enough yet or what, but I’m sure not feeling the zen that several of my blogging buddies describe.  Instead, I feel keyed-up, coiled-up and knotted-up.  What is that about?

Don’t Pray for Patience . . .

. . . because you’ll get plenty of situations and people for which you get to practice patience.  Apparently, I shouldn’t have announced to the universe that 2011 for me would be overseen by the words Intention, Source and Order.

Because my life is far from orderly. 

Two of the three 2011 words–Intention and Source–are easy in comparison to Order.  I’m usually pretty faithful when it comes to keeping the commitments of my intentions.  As for Source, I truly know that God, as my source, does for me what I can and cannot do for myself.

I am really having hissy fits about Order.  How?

  • By thrusting myself into my day with little rhyme or reason.
  • I am easily distracted.
  • I am eating every thing in sight while promising God that I’ll start exercising tomorrow.  This is pretty much a daily thing.
  • I am a bit irritable and by God, I deserve to be because if you people would only (fill in the blank).

That’s What it’s Like for Me.  Except . . .

 Yesterday, I was moved by a recent post by Barrie Davenport at Live Bold and Bloom (here’s the link:  http://wp.me/p1jxD2-5. In the post, Barrie offers an exercise that determines what your top 5 values are how those values can form the background of every decision you make.

Once I got into the post, I modified it because I’ve already done a bunch of the work via the 4th Step. (full disclosure: I was plane hopping during the time I worked on the exercise and just wanted to get down to the nitty gritty.  This avenue is not recommended.  Please take all of Barrie’s suggestions.)

What I did instead was to work with the beginning suggestions about choosing words that are a part of our overall life experience and separately, a part of our work experience.  Ultimately I narrowed all the words to a simple list of 12 words.  Here are the words in alpha order: Acceptance, Balance, Courage, Creative, Freedom, Humility, Integrity, Mindfulness, Optimism, Passion, Peace and Presence.

What to Do With 12 Random Words?

I may cull the list further but for now, I want to give each word the attention it deserves.

I’ll spend one week on each, blog about each and absorb each one into the functioning of my days.

Sounds pretty orderly to me.  Over the course of the next 12 weeks, will you comment, or tweet/Facebook the blog post link indicating your support?

I’m eager for this work because I believe there will be insights and revelations.  If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll even learn a thing or two about Order. Wouldn’t that be cool?