Last Week’s Star of Texas: The New Recovery Advocacy Movement

Signpost along the road to recovery.

Last week, many of America’s best minds in today’s recovery advocacy movement met in Dallas for the Executive Directors Leadership Academy of Faces & Voices of Recovery’s Association of Recovery Community Organizations.

Whew, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? I had the good fortune to attend a part of the event and it was a bit of a heady experience. The depth and breadth of the work that these Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) are doing to push the New Recovery Advocacy Movement forward is phenomenal. Ninety organizations in communities as far-reaching as Bangor, ME; Walla Walla, WA; San Diego, CA; El Paso, TX, and Decatur, GA  all talking the talk of recovery so that others will follow.

All the pieces are coming together for major forward motion in the coming months and years.  Keep you eyes and ears open; better yet, join us in making America’s #1 public health issue the #1 advocacy issue for 2014 and beyond.

Multi-faceted approach

When it comes to respected voices in the world of recovery advocacy, few are higher on the favored list than Bill White, emeritus senior research consultant at Chestnut Health Systems. Bill spoke to us at the leadership conference and really fired up the group’s passion. I know he fired me up, especially after he signed my copy of his book, Let’s Go Make Some History and thanked me for the advocacy work I’ve done for the movement.

Bill talked a bit about the movement’s history. His primary focus though looked at the movement’s next stages like an expansion of the constituency with targeted populations like young people in recovery, retirees in recovery, grieving families and friends of people lost to addiction, and jail/prison inmates in recovery.

He called for an “increased density of recovery carriers in the United States.” Isn’t that a cool phrase, “recovery carrier?”

Become a recovery carrier

Anyone can play a role in advocating for recovery.  You’ve read several of my earlier posts about hosting a Gathr screening of The Anonymous People. There’s a brand new tool kit just for screening captains located here.

Other opportunities include:

Most importantly, link your voice with ours. There is no more important cause than the New Recovery Advocacy Movement. I’m so proud to be get to work with ManyFaces1Voice and Faces and Voices of Recovery. This is such an exciting time in our history. Join us, will you?

Get involved.  Stay involved.  Be the voice.  The recovery movement needs you.

Photo courtesy of crossfitthames