Mindful Monday

5 Magnificently Mindful Quotes for Your Monday

What if, instead of dreading Mondays, we begin to look at them a bit differently?

What if we stand at the brink of our work weeks as if we’re placing ourselves on a road to great adventure?

What if we realize that the Mindful part of Mondays are about creating our B Here perspective?

Looking at Mondays in this light may be different for many of us.  We’ve spent our lives ending a weekend and starting a new week with apprehension and perhaps even fear.

Starting today, Mindful Mondays will help you shift that mindset, if that’s the one you’ve been carting around, by treating you to five quotes for each day of your week.  I invite you to choose which one you’d like to lead your week remembering that it will set the tone.  Then, absorb it like a second skin.  Tape it above your cubicle.  Paste it to your screensaver.  Or simply write it on a Post-it.

But whatever you do with your chosen quote, do it mindfully.  And do it only for today.  You can choose Tuesday’s quote tomorrow, just as you deal with Tuesday’s events tomorrow.

Ready?  Here’s are your Mag 5 Mindful quotes:

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

~ Dr. Seuss

No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you’d be more productive.

Dr. Joyce Brothers

This isn’t just “another day, another dollar.” It’s more like “another day, another miracle.

— Victoria Moran (Lit from Within: Tending Your Soul for Lifelong Beauty)

The foundation of greatness is honoring the small things of the present moment, instead of pursuing the idea of greatness.

Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths, or the turning inwards in prayer for five short minutes.

Etty Hillesum

P.S.  Do you have favorite quotes that you’d like to offer for a Mindful Monday post?  Please place in comments or send directly to me at bheretoday.bethw@gmail.com.  Have a Magdelicious Mindful Monday!

Rainbows and Pots of Gold

August 1 opens an exciting month at B Here Today.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my very first  online magazine submission and oh, what a mag it is!

Wild Sister is the brainchild of a tremendous blogging colleague, Jen Saunders (www.mysmilingheart.org).  The first edition of this beautifully written and artistically creative pub launched to WILD success on July 1. Shortly after Jen asked me to write for the September issue, and practically as soon as I said YES, I learned that editorial submissions were full for the remainder of the year!

Now I have the sort-of daunting task of completing my article about rainbows and pots of gold.  I’ll tease you a bit by letting you know that the mythical pots of gold have a very real symbolic representation in the realm of mindfulness where B Here Today resides. (Is that enough to bring you back in September?)

Wild Sister, to quote its website,is a new online magazine, created to empower women.  Created and written by artists, poets, travellers, coaches, muses and bloggers; each issue breathes love, truth, wisdom, inspiration and empowerment into the lives of women everywhere.”

I’m so enamored with this online gem that I’m in the process of becoming a Wild Sister affiliate.  In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to check out the latest issue, which hits mailboxes this very day.  To find the August issue, go to http://wildsister.com/archives.

As you enjoy the second issue of Wild Sister, don’t forget that when you see a rainbow, if you believe in the pot of gold, you can trust that it WILL appear.

A Mindful Monday full of rainbows to all!

Changing Playmates and Playgrounds

Hangin’ out choices.  We all get to make them; we get to determine how and where and when and with whom we choose to spend our time.

I used to hang out with people and in places where I didn’t belong or had no business–unhealthy places–but I thought I was choosing to be there.  Now I know that my addiction made the choice for me.

Then I got sober and found myself still making unhealthy hang-out choices.  I’d go places because I thought I was supposed to or because I thought it would make someone else happy.

Never mind my own desires.  I let others make choices for me. I sacrificed myself a lot back then.  Today I know that I am worth more, that I am worthy of stating, and then following, my own choices.

Today I make good hang-out choices.  I go where I want to go.  I go there because I want to be there.  I go with–or without–the people I want in my life.  For the most part, I go when I want to go (although this one is a bit trickier.).

Can you say the same?  I hope you can because giving your power and choices to another out of  obligation could be habit-forming.  Should’s and would’s can become ought-to’s and could-have’s.

I’ve spent the last few days hangin’ out at Tender Acres in Bartonville, TX, with a sweet 11-year-old boy and his grandmother.  On this Mindful Monday, I feel re-charged and re-focused.

I know for sure that life is good.  Even the barn cat says so!

Where are you hangin’ out today?  Are you there by your choice or because someone else wants you to be there?

Mindful Monday Mission

I’m a tad bit late getting this post out to you today because I decided to give myself a break.  Self-care is not an over-rated concept.

Why am I working on taking care of myself?  I’m coming off one of those weekends that wipes you out emotionally.  I was with fabulous people and was exactly where I wanted to be, but the emotional commitment to be present there touched a whole bunch of core issues for me.

I felt like this Crepe Myrtle tree that I saw on my walk this morning.

Can you see how the bark has thinned and been worn smooth?  It looks exposed, doesn’t it?  That’s exactly how I felt this weekend, and continue to feel.

And notice in the apex of the tree that  a branch has either broken or was sawed off.  Up close, it looks like a scabbed-over wound.  Again, that’s my feeling as I walk through this week of the first anniversary of my mother’s death.

But what caught my eye and I hope you can see, is the new growth coming out of the wounded area of the tree.  Growth that is happening in spite of all the surrounding tissue and bark looking so vulnerable.

Hmmm . . . nature is a great teacher . . . if we but take time to observe . . . and live with our senses wide open (no matter how raw we feel).

That’s my mission today.  Can you describe yours as it relates to your senses?


Adjustment Bureau

Movie-watching ranks on my Top 10 list of enjoyable activities, but only if the movie meets my criteria of “having a deeper meaning.”  Unlike most of the rest of the movie-going crowd, it is rare for me to want to simply escape into a mindless movie.

Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not a fine arts cinema kind of gal, although I’ve been to my fair share of artsy films.  No, when I describe movies, they are mainstream, action-packed, love-infused, hilariously comedic (but not to the point of stupid) movies.

They have meaning.

I want to be moved.  I want to have my thoughts provoked.  I want to have the over-arching theme of the movie stay with me for days, and . . .

I want to relate to the bigness of a meaningful movie’s theme.

It’s rare for me to make a movie recommendation. But for Mindful Monday, I’m making an exception.  Here’s why:

While this photo shot from the inside of a cave is not a part of the movie’s action, it is a part of the film’s theme.

My central takeaway idea–the theme that has stayed with me for days–from The Adjustment Bureau is that a person can spend her life on plan (a description from the movie of following the path that has been laid out for her by The Chairman) OR she can let her spirit perch on the railing of life and then fly into the unknown.

As you may imagine, it is this deviation from the Plan that causes the movie’s conflict and drama.

And fulfills my necessary criteria of having deeper meaning.  Rent the movie and tell me what you think the deeper meaning means.  A great Mindful Monday to you!