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Balance Point: Where Intention and Integrity Meet

Here’s my intention for B Here Today: I want to help you balance your life “out there” with the peace of your being, the part that resides “in here.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  But what does it mean?

Admittedly, I’ve struggled a bit on the two or three occasions when I’ve been asked to explain BHT’s purpose.  Then, last month, I attended a workshop in Austin, TX hosted by Marcia Wieder, CEO and founder of Dream University.

She said something that really resonated with me.  She said that phenomenal things occur when intention meets up with integrity.

That’s it, I thought!  That’s the balance point needed for peace and serenity.  When your intentions (what’s “out there”) intersect with your integrity (what’s “in here”), you find a point of harmony.

And harmony is what we all want, isn’t it?

Setting your intentions

Have you ever said you intended to do something but then never followed through with action steps?

A couple of months ago, I set an intention to take better care of my spiritual needs, but I failed to take action, which Marcia says is the only thing that deters doubt, fear, reality and insanity (I added the last word.).

Not only did I not take action, I deliberately chose inaction.  I stopped doing one of the things that is spiritual medicine for me–I stopped going to my 12-step meetings.  Call it an experiment.

I laid it all out nicely in my head–which as anyone in recovery knows, is a dangerous place to hang out.

I fell in with the pack of people that Marcia describes as “most people”–those who have one foot in reality (the reality they make up) and the other foot in doubt.

The place I created for myself was manufactured, solitary and only temporarily peaceful.  I say manufactured because I repeated a mantra of “I am happy.  I am fine,” to trick myself into believing I was at peace.

My made-up playground was mine alone–I pushed everyone else out of bounds.  It was temporary because I think I knew in my heart of hearts that it wouldn’t–and couldn’t–last.

Of myself I am nothing

Life is not meant to be a sentence of solitary confinement.  Ah, but my ego sure believes it might be worth a try.

The unhappy ending to this story–the darkness before the dawn–is that I was massively out of integrity with myself.  Marcia says that when we’re not in integrity, we’re not living in peace, love and joy.

Today, I’m tossing aside that ego-generated reality and writing a new ending.  I’m holding tight to Marcia’s words, “Intention with integrity is the combined stake in the ground for living the dream.”

Is there an area in your life where you have good intentions but are having trouble with follow-up actions?  Please know that we are all capable of inaction from time to time.

If it’s a perpetual trouble spot for you, though, you may be out of integrity with an agreement you’ve made with yourself or with someone else.  Let this be your first action step:  Fix your agreement!

Then sit back and watch the next steps fall into logical order as your stake sinks further and further into your balanced life.

A Recovery Staple: The Serenity Prayer

Many of us are familiar with the prayer that begins, “God, grant me the serenity . . . ”

In my 21 years of sobriety, I’ve recited the first verse of The Serenity Prayer more than 3,000 times at meetings.  I’ve repeated its words during countless other times of pain, desperation and bewilderment.

I’ve listened to speakers break it down word-by-word, dissecting it’s nuances.  To me, the prayer is summarized with these five, simple words:






A Prayer to Ease Political and Social Unrest

I read an article in The Huffington Post today about the Serenity Prayer and its original prayer date in 1943 during the war against Germany.  Its creator, Reinhold Niebuhr (who was born in my home state of Missouri), first spoke the prayer in a farming community in Heath, MA.  He was expressing his political as well as spiritual concerns, according to Niebuhr’s daughter, Elisabeth Sifton in her book The Serenity Prayer: Faith and Politics in Times of Peace and War:

“To pray for the strength to change unjust, illiberal, selfish policies which gave rise to war, social unrest, and economic woe; to pray for the strength to help fashion a more fair, just, and peaceful world, and to work for that end.”

Sifton goes on to write in her book:

“The Serenity Prayer addresses the inconsolable pain, loss and guilt that war inflicts on the communities that wage it; it goes to the heart of the possibilities and impossibilities of collective action for collective betterment—that is to say, to the heart of the possibilities for peace.”

Don’t you find it comforting to know that just as the prayer was written to ease the “inconsolable pain, loss and guilt of war” caused by communities or even countries, so to is the prayer meant to console you for the pain, loss and guilt that you have waged against yourself and others?

Aren’t we ultimately praying for “the possibilities of peace” when we say The Serenity Prayer?

A Response to Applying the Prayer to Recovery

The Huffington Post asked Sifton what she might say to a room full of AA members about The Serenity Prayer being used as a tool for recovery.

She responded in an email,

“I’d tell them that they’re a step ahead of most everyone else, since they have acknowledged the need for daily, patient, modest work in building a good life–not everyone else has.”

During this month of celebrating Recovery, may we all think about the ways we have built a good life.  I know I’m feeling an immense amount of gratitude for the ways in which I’ve grown to love and accept myself–warts and all!–in the last 21 years.

Those five words listed above–God, Serenity, Acceptance, Courage and Wisdom–represent a five-pointed guiding star in my life.  I know that I’m a better person thanks to The Serenity Prayer and I pray daily to be shown how to carry its message of peace into all my activities, not just those surrounding recovery.

How do you incorporate The Serenity Prayer into your life?  Please share in the comments section below.

(photo courtesy of xololounge)

Unity World Day of Prayer 2012

We are channels through which Spirit illumines the world.

In all parts of the globe, New Thought spiritual seekers are affirming these words today.

And in a cozy chapel on the grounds of Unity Headquarters in Unity Village, MO., an untold number of names are being held in loving energy by Unity’s devoted.

All those names, gathered for months from congregations around the world and from the internet (I sent my prayer requests in last night during the opening ceremonies of World Day of Prayer), will also be held in the hearts and minds of vigilant prayers for the next 30 days.

Such has been the way of Silent Unity since the prayer group began its 365/27/7 vigil more than 120 years ago.

Our world and its people can use prayer

It’s hard to escape the news isn’t it?  It’s difficult to dodge the gut blows leveled daily by political candidates.  The emotion of the anniversary of 9/11 coupled with the latest attacks against Americans are nearly unfathomable.

So many suffer, whether from circumstances beyond their control or from creating their own hellish circumstances.

Some people have made a life out of carrying an incendiary torch ready to inflame anything that contact; their egos thrive on creating a burning destruction.

You know these kind of people.  If you’re reading this, the chances are good that you’re not one of these kind of people.

Some days, it’s easy to get sucked into the flames

Although it would be heaven’s bliss to spend our work days cavorting in tulips and daisies, my guess is you don’t always have that experience with your colleagues.  I don’t either.

On my off days–days when I’m not grounded or spiritually connected–given the right conditions, I can go from zero to spittin’ fit in about 2.5 seconds.  You can bet your sweet bippy that I haven’t prayed that day.

The one who suffers most is me.  That’s why my name was at the top of the list I sent to Silent Unity tonight for World Day of Prayer.

This I know beyond a shadow of any doubt:  You don’t have to suffer alone.  There are folks on stand-by waiting to serve as a channel of peace for you until you settle back into your own channel.

We are channels through which Spirit illumines the world.

Unity’s core belief, which I’ve adopted, is we are all part of one Universal Presence, whatever you choose to call that Being.  You have a unique role to play in creation and so do I.  Whatever your role, whatever your channel, rest assured that your light is shining.

If you think you have nothing to give, think again.  You do.  There is no one who shines like you do.  The $64,000 question is whether you shine for good so that you cast an illuminating glow out to humanity, or whether your the shine of your light merely reflects back to you all the harsh ugliness on which you focus.

Which will it be today on this 19th anniversary of the World Day of Prayer?

Sing it with me, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”

B Well & Shine!



3 Questions to Help Your Life Bloom This Spring

 Coming soon to your web screen:

I adore the first sensory sensations of spring, don’t you?

Texas affords me the chance to see and feel and hear Mother Natures’s awakening much sooner than did all those years in Missouri.  Around here, the Bradford Pear and Redbud trees have blossomed, tulips are in full bloom and I saw my first patch of bluebonnets the other day.

More than the sights of spring, I am addicted to the renewal of spring, to the symbolic meanings of hope, re-birth and do-overs.

During this time of year, all things are once again possible because all things are brand new again.

Another cycle of life is spinning.  Out of the drab season of winter when everything from plants and animals to thoughts and ideas lay dormant, comes the regeneration of all things beautiful.

Soon–right around Easter–my own beautiful dream will spring forth, representing decades of hopeful anticipation.

I knew that I would one day be a professional writer; in fact, I achieved that status years ago with my first published articles in trade publications. But with the relaunch of B Here Today, I feel like I am that person I’ve waited to become.

Why did I wait?  I firmly believe that our choices create our circumstances which become the definition we wrap around our lives.

I chose circumstances that created safety for myself for many, many years.  I believed I was happy, but the problem with safety is that it confines.  My dreams never grew; they remained buried in winter and eventually became the winter of my discontent.

Then, quite suddenly, I changed my mind.  Those circumstances were no longer acceptable to me.  I knew I needed a new life-defining wrap, something that still provided a bit of safety but also held me loosely enough so that the growth of my dreams could sprout through.

Now, I am definitely bursting out!

I want you to have a similar spring-like experience!

So my question to you is three-fold:

1)  Are you making good choices for yourself today?  Is today–Thursday, March 8, 2012–filled with heart-centered decisions that you, and no one else, has made for yourself?  If not, then it’s time to take charge of your day because this day is the only day that is guaranteed.

2)  Are you satisfied with your circumstances or are you wildly excited about them?  Please, please, please don’t ever settle for anything less than the very best for the circumstances of your life.  Enough said.

3)  Is the wrap around you–the definition of your life–too tight, too loose or just right?  I know, it sounds like The Three Bears story, but seriously, sometimes we need to check our life garments to see whether they need resizing.  If you need a bigger size, go shopping for something that is beautifully just right!

And one more question:  In this 2012 spring season, are you ready to burst out in bloom?  If not, get ready, my friends!  There is no time like the present!