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I can hardly contain my excitement because B Here Today is fixin’ (as we say in Texas) to bust out in a big and beautiful way.

Watch out Universe!

BHT began nearly two years ago with the idea of helping folks create balance between their inner and outer worlds.  Our initial messages were directed toward the recovery community before we quickly learned what those of us in recovery know:  our principles are universal.

Our humble beginning now goes much deeper that finding balance.  What do you do with balance once you find it?

Now we’re going to take all the stuff of the inner and outer worlds–all the painful, gloppy stuff as well as the joyous, beautiful stuff–and learn to B with it.

We’ll learn to breathe and feel compassion for the stuff that seizes us when we least expect it.

As we sit with whatever the stuff is, more and more practicing being in the moment, we grow in our ability to accept the pain (or whatever the seizing positive or negative emotion) and eventually learn to see it as our guide.

Please, take what you need and leave the rest.  I’ll continue to share my experience, strength and hope and invite you to sit in these B Here moments and watch our community grow.

Interact.  Comment.  Offer your brand of support.  Let me know if you’d like to guest-post.

It is my prayer that our community will grow infinitely as we B Here in Compassion,  B Here in Courage, Be Here in Audacity, In Worthiness, In Dignity, and of course, In Love.

Welcome to the space we’re holding for the re-launch of B Here Today.  In many ways, this feels like the most important work we’ll ever do as we learn how to B Together.

Our universe is having a tough time right now.  Far too many people live their lives overloaded with misery and pain.  Rather than feel pity for them, rather than feel better than them for growing past our own pain (and do we ever, really?), let’s work together to see us all as one.  Hold each other’s traumas and breathe out peace for ourselves and others.

The 12 Steps would ask, Are these extravagent promises?

We definitely think not!

Peace is our birthright!

I once wrote that my purpose is to be an open channel for peace, love and joy.

Keep your eyes peeled because those channels are expanding . . .


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