Day 11 Check-in

This ninth anniversary of the day America took a massive blow to its collective psyche finds me grateful for humanity’s innate ability to resurrect itself from sorrow and darkness. 

Today, as I walked alone along the effervescent pools of water created by the restored central courtyard fountains at Unity Village, MO, I pondered the sacred nature of the human condition.  We are an enduring bunch, aren’t we?

Construction began on the original fountains in the early 1920s and back then, the flowing water served the practical purpose of helping cool the buildings on Unity’s Mediterranean-style campus.  Today, long after central air conditioning was installed, Unity’s rolling grounds and serene setting, along with the impressive Unity Tower, the renowned rose garden and the Bridge of Faith  make the Village a destination for native Kansas Citians and those who travel here.
In 2003, a large section of original concrete in the fountains collapsed.  The pools were drained and have remained empty until yesterday, September 10, 2010, the eve of the 9/11 anniversary.  Unity’s fountains sprang to life once more thanks to a capital campaign, prayer and a collective vision of flowing water.
Many say the waters at Unity have healing powers.  Speaking from personal experience, both prior to 2003 and today, I am one of those believers.  There is a soothing peace that seems to emanate from the reflecting pools, a sanctity that speaks to my spirit and restores me to sanity.
Charles R. Fillmore, grandson of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity, said that his grandfather and father believed the fountains were a special place “where flowing water would induce feelings of tranquility and peace.”

James Dillet Freeman, Unity’s poet laureate, in his poem “Make Me Like Water,” wrote that “Jesus loved to walk by water.  He went there not only to quench his thirst, but for peace.”
Today, on this sacred and solemn day, my thirst has been quenched by the flowing waters of Peace.  My ongoing prayer for all Americans, particularly those so closely touched by the 9/11 tragedy, is a similar quenching of healing, flowing peace.

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