Day Nine Check-in

I’m a huge fan of prayer and am envious of non-minister types–regular people–who are incredible prayers.  My sponsor is a great prayer.  She can rip ’em off the top of her head at a moment’s notice.  She always says yes to a prayer request.  I’m still shy and uncertain and caught up in my ego’s need to speak the right words.

The practice of prayer remains a private act for me unless it’s a participatory prayer in a 12th-step meeting or in church.

I’m a big believer in affirmative prayer–a kind of “if you believe it, you will see it” approach.  The trick with affirmative prayer is to affirm general outcomes–like acceptance, peace, forgiveness or understanding and healing–for those for whom I pray.  Affirmative prayer is about seeing the person or event released and healed from the thought processes that took him or her to the place of bondage.

For me, praying for my mother to be cured of cancer wasn’t the right prayer.  Instead, I prayed for her peace, for her healing from any emotional wounds, that she trust that God would take care of her family and that her transition be an easy one.

I held these thoughts/prayers in the highest regard and I believe they were all granted.  The belief comes from an intuitive knowing deep inside me.

There’s an article in the current Unity Magazine called “The Psychology of Prayer,” by Dr. Sam Menahem.  It’s a great piece and confirms many of my beliefs about prayer.

Dr. Menahem’s research pointed him to four types of prayer:  petition, intercession, adoration and meditation.  Each of them has a healing function, he believes.

“I saw that prayer was not to be used to get external ‘things.’  Rather prayer was for character change–asking God for guidance and strength in changing what needs to be changed for psychological and even physical healing,” he writes.

Dr. Menahem shares my belief that any prayer’s effectiveness is dependent upon the relationship between the one praying and the one to whom the prayers are lifted.

For me, prayer holds a two-fold purpose:  I have the privilege of holding the person, animal or situation in God’s light and I also deepen my spiritual/prayer life.

Today is Unity’s World Day of Prayer.  How does prayer impact your life?

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