Discernment (Wisdom)

The spiritual power for Day Three of Christmas is Discernment, also known as Wisdom.

I don’t believe that discernment only involves knowing when and how and why a decision needs to be made.  When we are able to discern between two things, there’s a huge difference between figuring something out and understanding from a spiritual perspective.

Discernment is the spiritual part of the knowing.  I pray for discernment because I want my still, inner voice to give me the intuitive sense of “do I?” or “should I?”  In order to connect with my intuitive self, I have to slow down.  In fact, the process works best when I pause completely and call forth God’s presence, affirming it’s holiness.  I also affirm that whatever the decision, I have the strength to allow guidance toward that decision.


My old self–the still practicing ego–tries to tell me all the mamby-pamby, mumbo-jumbo is for sissies, those who can’t make a decision on their own.

“Come on, let’s go, we may miss this opportunity,” is what the ego says to me.  Those words are a familiar refrain since I did spend a good portion of my life running pell-mell into decisions that had the potential for great harm.

Today, I deny the ego’s power.  In fact, as we leave Fort Lauderdale today, I’ll do my best to leave my ego by the sea.

My power of discernment–represented by the disciple James, son of Zebedee, is rock-solid today because I am actively working with the powers of faith, strength and love (tomorrow’s Power).  God’s love and Jesus’ examples of love are the touchstones of my new way of being.

Are their examples in your life when you’re aware that your decisions are spiritually charged?  Can you tell the difference?  Is spiritual discernment a decided part of your daily life?

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