Do You Know Your Purpose?


Do you ever wonder how your life is meaningful?  Is the question so different–any different at all–from asking what brings meaning to your life?

On the grandest of scales, what is the meaning of life?

Purpose–one’s life is to be lived with purpose.  Without purpose, all you have is aimless shuffling out into the day and withdrawing back into the night.

Some folks go along just to get along.  Their choice, isn’t it, for we’re given the great gift of choice but what a tragic waste of bone and marrow, flesh and blood.

Ah well.

You signed the contract

I figure that on the day we arrive on this planet, we’re given a contract.  Welcome to your new home! True, the immediate blast of stimulation doesn’t feel so welcoming, but you’ll get used to it, they say.

You wonder if you will, get used to it, that is.

Sign here to show you’ve agreed to enter this cacophony of sounds, this brightness you’ve never known.

You sign, one part of you terrified, three parts of you eager to bust out, to get on with things.

Or is it the other way around?

You can’t decide because suddenly everything is a decision which seems to make your initial steps much heavier than you expected.  You’ve been in the dark for so long that all you want is light, the lightness of light.

Jostling, bouncing, careening, wait, why are all these faces so cranky, so drawn up tight with wearied wordiness?

I don’t want to be here, you cry to non-listening ears.  This isn’t what I signed up for, isn’t what I want.

WHAT DO YOU WANT? booms a voice wrapped around you.

Silence.  Stop.  No movement but your own spinning as if you’re encased in a glass ball.  No time–it has stilled.

What do you want?

The voice speaks softly from inside you now.

The winds of eternity pause for the answer to your question, “What do I want?”

I want to be who I am, you breathe, grateful that your voice and truth are meeting.

And so your journey commences, or resumes, depending on when you’ve answered the question that is yours alone to answer.

I wish you pleasant and joy-filled travels and should the now moment arrive when we choose to breathe the same air, meaning will have landed in my life.

Until then, be your purpose.

Photo courtesy of nesquivel

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  1. Sandy says:

    Good morning Beth. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. It really speaks to me.

    • Beth says:

      I am so glad, and as always when I receive similar comments, humbled. Thanks for taking the time to send a note along. Peace and blessings to you!

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