Do You Live and Let Live TODAY?

Recently, I was reading through my recovery books and this passage from Courage to Change captivated me:

Live and Let Live: 

Al-Anon helped me to let live by teaching me about detachment and helping me to see that many of my problems stemmed from minding everyone’s business but my own.

But how to turn the recovery lens on ourselves and learn how to live within ourselves?

The suggestion was to remember what you did earlier in the day, to try to recall the details of the day that you’re living right now.

When you’re focused on this day, you find it easier to make choices for tomorrow.  A bonus gift is knowing you’re minding only your affairs and no one else’s.

Who are you?  What are your goals and aspirations?  How do you want to make the most out of this day?

I’ve gone back to the passage a dozen times.  I ask myself the question that I’ll now ask you:

How do you live and let live today?

September is national National Recovery Month and it’s my belief that a celebration of recovery begins with honoring your own.  As the reading suggests, one aspect of a successful life of recovery is to live and let live.

When you live and let live, you focus on staying present to your own current circumstances and conditions.  This doesn’t mean you become self-absorbed or self-indulgent.  Instead, you simply become aware of your mental, spiritual and physical states by mindfully focusing on your thoughts and feelings.

Let me give you an example.

I just returned from a unplanned, 36-hour whirlwind trip to see my family.  My dad had emergency surgery as a result of a fall he took three weeks ago.

I had very little time to prepare myself for the trip.  Intuitively, I knew that I was breaking all the “rules” of family engagement:  I entered the circumstances on three hours sleep and with an abundance of worry and anticipation.

I presented a good exterior but on the inside I was emotionally overwrought and downright scared.  My dad is 73 and has never had a surgical procedure.  Plus, my relationships with the remainder of my family haven’t been good since I moved to Texas.

On the early morning drive from the Kansas City airport to the hospital, I did two things right.  I prayed, not just for Dad’s wellbeing, but also for my own.  And, I made a couple of phone calls to let local friends know I was in town and could use prayer support.

I received instant prayer results.

The prayer and friend connection settled me into the present.  I let go of outcomes because my job was only to mindfully connect to whatever was in front of me.

The circumstances didn’t change–the long hours of chilly waiting (in the hospital AND family temps)–but my response to the circumstances softened.  I was right with me and I stayed that way by breathing and being aware that by aligning my power with A Greater Power, no one and no thing could knock me off course.

Had I not been right with me, the chances of being able to live and let live would have greatly diminished.

Recovery Month is for all of us.

We all could use a course correction when it comes to surrendering control of our attitudes and thinking about others.  We can all use a refresher in successfully living within ourselves.

Please use the comments section to share how you are correcting your life’s course during Recovery Month.  Today, how do you live and let live?  Your experience, strength and hope is valuable for another’s growth.

B Well in Living!


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