Do You Want a Fearless Love?

“I am what I am and I am what I am afraid of.  What am I afraid of?”  ~ Melissa Etheridge

I’m a huge music fan, and not surprisingly, appreciative of songs that touch my heart with well-written and though-provoking lyrics.

During a long flight recently, I cranked up my iTunes and let them shuffle.  It wasn’t long before Melissa’s Fearless Love clicked into play.  As I listened, I couldn’t help but compare her lyrics with my life and with choices I’ve made.

What are you afraid of?

Do you think there is truth in Melissa’s words that we are what we’re afraid of?  Can you become your fears?

I think so.  I think that wherever we focus on thoughts, the energy of our bodies follows.  Some folks simply say, “what we think about expands.”

Logically, if you constantly think that you can’t change jobs for fear that the new one won’t last, there’s a good chance you’ll never change jobs.

Or, maybe you stay in a loveless relationship because you’re afraid of living on your own.  So that is where you stay.

Is there such a thing as positive fear?

I’ve heard people in 12-step rooms say they fear a relapse if they don’t maintain a solid foundation of recovery.  That’s why they go to lots of meetings, so that recovery stays uppermost in their minds and casts out the fear.

I’d call that a positive fear.

I too have a positive fear.  It has to do with arriving at the end of my life only to realize that I hadn’t fully lived my life.  I’m afraid of living small, mediocre and colorless.

I know well that if I focus on the those fearful words, I will become them.  In fact, I lived a good part of my life in a world of mediocrity.

My antidote for that fear is a full-on, all-in, mindful approach to each gifted day that I receive.  To me, living in mindful awareness is the ultimate love–a fearless love, if you will.

The best lyrics of Fearless Love:

“I want to live my life pursuing all my happiness.  I want a fearless love and I won’t settle for anything less.”

Can you choose to live and love fearlessly?  Perhaps not, but can you at least become aware of where you focus your thoughts?  Fearful conditions or fearless love?

That takes a pretty deep commitment, doesn’t it?  To utter the words, “I won’t settle for anything less,” is a line drawn in the sand.

On one side of the line are the words, I Am Fear.

On the other side of the line are the words, I Am Fearless and I Am Worth It.

You ARE worth it!  Drop in a comment below and let us know about your fears, be they positive or negative.  How are you handling them and is it possible for you to believe that you don’t have to settle for anything except a fearless love?

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