If, as a child, someone had told me that Christmas extends to January 6 (the day of Epiphany), I would have thought more presents!  Kids aren’t supposed to think of Christmas as a spiritual experience; it is about presents with the original presents being given to the baby Jesus.

Likewise, children aren’t required to think of the 12 days of Christmas as anything more than a rhyming song mostly about birds (French hens, turtle doves, swans, geese and a partridge).


In fact, I was well into adulthood when I learned there was another meaning for the 12 days of Christmas; it has only been in the last few years that I’ve come to understand the days do not lead up to December 25th, but follow it.

This year, as a final nod toward significant inner searching about the meaning of Christmas in my heart, I’ve decided to follow Unity’s “Awakening the Christ Spirit Within” Advent booklet and write each day about one of the 12 Powers, considered gifts from God.

December 26th, the First Day of Christmas, is aligned with the Power of Faith.

For me, faith is an unshakable belief that God is the source of all good and that everything in my life–from the most minute detail to the towering, emotionally charged “big deals”–falls under God’s area of responsibility.  The simple prayer of Thy will be done,  is one that helps me loosen my grip on anything and everything that I try to control in my life.  When I open my clenched fist, faith is set free.  It rises up around me and then rains back down drenching me in the aftermath of total surrender.

Warm and carefree winter days in southeast Florida strengthen my faith.  Shelling on the coastal beaches with seagulls dipping and diving and palm trees firmly rooted against gusting ocean winds, deepens my faith.  Gulls give way to air currents, palms bend from their tops, each in a natural form of surrender.  From my deepest self, I learn to emulate their movement. 

All God’s creatures, great and small, intelligent and intuitive, must eventually trust a life-affirming process. 

Faith is that process for me.

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