God is Everything, Even Goat Poop

“We had to fearlessly face the proposition that god is either everything or else He is nothing.  God either is or he isn’t.  What was our choice to be?” ~ Alcoholics Anonymous

At my regular Monday night 12-step meeting, the topic was every-day gratitude.

The meeting leader began by asking everyone to consider the good in their lives.  She said that she (and we all related!) can have a great day filled with positive, enjoyable experiences, but if there’s one thing that is the least bit-negative, she obsesses on that thing.

That one thing–whether it’s a phone call, an exchange at the grocery store or, heaven forbid, goat poop in the living room (true story, see my friend Julie Langdon Barrett’s post)–spins a sweet day 180-degrees until it becomes sour.

What do you do when a goat poops on your day?

Do you: A)  Share an evening beverage with your sweetie while relaxing and sharing the joyous moments of your day, or, B) When you lay eyes on your sweetie, exclaim, “The friggin’ goat pooped in the middle of the floor!”

That was certainly me a few days ago.  Metaphorically, I had a huge pile of goat poop in my living room.

My recent trip to Kansas City was peaceful and affirming in every way but one.  Several gatherings of old friends, a much-needed massage from Missouri hands I miss in Texas, a 12-step meeting at my old home group, my beautiful niece’s wedding were rejuvenating for me.  Then there was the goat poop thing.

It took days to get the goat poop swept from my mind.

The topic of gratitude

So back to my recent Monday night 12-step meeting.  People shared about expressing gratitude for the good in their lives and really feeling it moment-by-moment.

Someone mentioned focusing on the assets of his day, rather than the defects.  He spoke about learning from the defects but realizing that it’s the assets that buoy him so that he knows his day is good.

Another person in last week’s Kansas City meeting said, “I take care of the possibles and let God take care of the impossibles.”

I particularly like that last reminder because it brings me back to my center, back to God.

God (or whatever you choose to call your Higher Power), is everything or nothing.

I prefer choosing “everything,” don’t you?  Everything is everything, even goat-poop things.

Who knows why goat poop happens (still being metaphorical!)?  You don’t have to know why; but in order to live peacefully, you do need to accept that do-do has no power over you-you!

And that is something to be grateful for every day.

Photo courtesy of taliesen.

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  1. Beth, I’m honored (I think!) that my goat disaster could inspire someone to write a really excellent post and somehow bring it back to God 🙂 That’s the one saving grace of my little friend, who by the way is not nearly as cute as the one you found.

    If we keep acknowledging those poopy moments or events but not allow them to take over our minds and hearts, and sail through them with a modicum of grace, then that’s the practice we’re probably supposed to be having. Maybe. Unless our husband brings them home and then I’m not sure! lol Have a great day…

    • Beth says:

      Julie, we never really know where our inspiration will come from, do we? I was just writing along and all of a sudden, your goat story popped in my mind as the perfect description I was searching for! Years ago I wrote a similar post about pole-vaulting over mouse poop. Same concept. We (well, me, anyway!) get so caught up in the seeming disasters of the day that when a real one comes along, I’m forced to realize that the poopy stuff is little more than annoyance. Of course, I don’t live in your house, though!

      Keep writing about the goat . . . it’s probably therapeutic and it’s funny as hell for your readers!

      Best to you today!

  2. Hi Beth,

    Love the goat poop metaphor and the pic! We are powerless over so much that happens in our lives. I try and roll with life and get back to my normal state of happiness as soon as I can after a challenging situation. We do learn so much from our setbacks, difficult at the time, yes, but there is so much to be grateful for in the grand scheme of things. Take care!

  3. Beth says:

    LOTS to be grateful for, Cathy. So glad you’re a part of my journey.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    B Well!

  4. LaDonna Coy says:

    Hey Beth — Funny how that metaphorical goat poop can send us spiraling off to a yuckier place with smelly thoughts — you know that whole fire and wire thing our brain does aka once we hit the poopy trail it is soooo easy to stay on the poopy trail. Getting ourselves off that track can sure be a challenge – at least it can be for me. Seems if I can find the humor in it and get myself to laugh – out loud is best – then I’m off the trail in no time. That last line did it for me today 🙂 thank you-you.

  5. Beth says:

    Hey LaDonna, laughter is ALWAYS the best medicine, isn’t it? And laughing at myself, well, that usually lets just enough humility in to ease the smelly situation!

    Sure was good to see you, my friend! <3

  6. Galen Pearl says:

    I love Julie’s goat stories!! You and I are having similar experiences. I wish you had been with me to watch Joel Osteen’s sermon this morning. (I just posted something about it.) It’s usually repeated on Monday night–maybe see if you can find it.

    Great wisdom and humor–my favorite combination.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Galen! Apologies for the delay in replying; we returned from our Mexico birthday trip and I’m slowly catching up. I love Joel Osteen! He’s a great storyteller, and yes, the combo of wisdom and humor is the best teacher in my book. Remember the laughing Buddha?

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