Happiness is a Circle of Life


How do you measure happiness?  By the bowl full.

~ Campbell’s commercial

At the start of this month, I drew one of Jodi Chapman’s Soul Clarity Cards.  Embrace this moment, it read.  This is where life lives.  Feel it.  Honor it.  Love it.

I sat with the card for a bit, pondering its meaning.  Two things have been on my mind lately, and this card’s idea of embracing the moment encouraged me to give my mind reign over them.

One is the idea of happiness.  The other is what I call a living circle of giving and receiving.  Each is best enjoyed in an awakened moment, or as the Campbell’s commercial tells us, by the bowl full.

Put on a happy face.

Is happiness an emotion or a state of mind?  Can you strive for happiness?  Is happiness the result of an event or a circumstance in your life?

Happiness is kind of nebulous, isn’t it?  We say we’re happy, but can we really say more about the experience of happiness?

I have this idea that happiness is a byproduct of a circle perfectly balanced with giving and receiving.

Stick with me on this and tell me what you think.

What do you say to the idea that happiness arrives when you believe and understand that giving and receiving are one, that they emanate from the same heart space?

Do I get a hearty YES?  Or are you thinking I’m full of malarkey?

Try this on for size.

Most of us give faithfully, and often unconditionally.  There are people in your life who can always count on you, right?  They need you and you’re there, no questions asked.

You give to overflowing to work, to your kids’ school, to your church, to your best friend from high school who needs support at 2 a.m.

You are a rock-solid giver.

But how are you at receiving?

Does the phrase, “Oh no, I can’t accept ___________ (fill in the blank)” sound familiar?  What about, “Please, you shouldn’t have”?

Do you realize that when you utter those phrases, you are cutting off the giver’s gift?  That you are silencing her joy in giving it to you?

When we refuse to accept a gift, we’re saying to the Universe, “I am not worthy.”  When in such a state, our ability to give unconditionally lessens and the benefactors of our giving receive less of us. The entire circle of life is impacted when we say, “No, thank you.”

Here’s the truth:  I’m really good at giving but I’m struggling with receiving right now.  Too often I listen to my ego which says I can’t reciprocate because I was laid off from my job and my income has diminished substantially.

About a year ago, I contributed a bunch of money to a situation that benefitted my sweetie and me.  She wasn’t in a position to do the same.

I repeatedly said, “Please, let me do this for us.”

Now she’s saying, “Let me do this for you.”

There’s a sphere of grace here that I’ve not been circling very easily.  I’m learning, though, because receiving is an equal part of the circle.  Giving, by itself, will not make the circle go round.

Give, receive, give and receive.

The mystical journey to happiness and lightness of heart.

Join me in the circle, will you?  You each have so much to give (and receive).  And I know you love happiness!

Photo courtesy of doctor_bob

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  1. Jerry Brady says:

    Do I get a hearty YES? YES YOU DO !!!

    This blog says so much about the simple truth that we all tend to do this and to “Stop” and let the other side flow in fills the void ! Thank You !!

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