Happy No-Hangover New Year!

Every year for the past 22, I’ve woken on New Year’s Day amazed that I feel great.  Tired maybe, or maybe in some years there was a random cold or flu bug, but at least I wasn’t hung over.

No hangover, no blackout, no consequences of the night before.  It may sound weird to the drinkers among my readers that we former reckless imbibers are giddy over such a thing.   I’m hopeful though, that many of you can appreciate the enormity of a sober New Year’s morning for those of us who have spent so many of them curled around a porcelain bowl.

No pointless resolutions either!

The news today reported that 80% of folks who resolve to get into shape in the new year by joining a fitness center, quit shortly after Valentine’s Day.

I say, “Why set yourself up for failure?”

If you’re going to do something, isn’t it more productive and affirming to give yourself a word or a phrase to emphasize in the new year?

Several of my friends pick action words–verbs–as their mantra for the year.  I’ve enjoyed the activity in years past; my friend Patricia has a ceremonial choosing of words at her New Year’s Eve gatherings.

So I’ve been contemplating words, letting them percolate and simmer in my psyche for a few days leading up to January 1.  But as the day dawned, I felt a little stuck, so I went to Jodi Chapman’s stack of Soul Clarity Cards and, after discounting the first two because neither was an action word, I chose Radiate.  

Finally, I thought, there’s my word.  It’s a good, solid, definitive word.  I took a picture of the card and posted it to Facebook.

When words don’t feel right

You know I’m a wordie, meaning I consume words.  (I’m also a foodie for the same reason, not because I enjoy the finer points of cooking).

As I chewed on the word Radiate on New Year’s Day, something just didn’t taste right.  The more I chewed, the more leathery it became. And I began to doubt my choice.

It wasn’t my original choice after all.  I had two other words–Embrace and Create–that lingered on my palate.  I also threw in the word Walk, probably as a guilty addition thanks to all the references to eating.

I found myself longing to taste those words.

Early yesterday morning (January 2nd), as I emerged from the shower, the word Listen popped into my brain.  Okay, that’s good, I thought.  It’s gentle and emphasizes a quiet resolve to chatter less.  I could go with that.

As Wednesday wore on, frustration mounted though, because I couldn’t decide on my word!  I needed a word, dammit, because I had a blog post to write and I wanted to announce it to the blogosphere!

Bright idea!  I turned back to the Soul Clarity Cards thinking surely I would draw something that would give me an indication of which word to choose from my growing list of verbs.

What was it to be?  Radiate, Embrace, Create, Walk or Listen?

I drew the card.  Ask.

Isn’t that just great.  The flippin’ card reads, “Ask for help.”

Fine.  I turned to my sweetie who I think was trying really hard not to guffaw at my obvious exhibition of pole-vaulting over mouse poop.

“I have all these good words for 2013,” I whined.  “I can’t settle on one.  What should I do?”

Becky, God bless her, didn’t even look up from stirring her plate of leftovers in the microwave.

“You could always start over.”

Well, hell.  That seems simple enough.

So there you have it.  My word for 2013:  SIMPLIFY!


Photo courtesy of chrisser

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I usually don’t choose a word for the new year, but I did as well this time. My word is change. I want it to be my theme for the year, so now busy trying to think of all this things I can write about change. 🙂 WIll take some time to think this one through. So many decisions with these words.

    Having a word gives direction and focus. I love your story about trying to decide on the word. That would be me. Coming up with a new idea and then not being able to decide on that one piece. Simplify is a good one and works in so many areas. Enjoy your new word. I’ll look for your new picture on Facebook!

  2. Beth says:

    What a great word, Cathy! I’ve been through so much change in the last 3 1/2 years that I’ve actually grown to like it (or at least not fear it so much!). It’s an ambitious word for the year and I commend you. I support you too!

    Direction and focus . . . yes, that’s what I was going for. For me, in order to focus, I need to dump distractions which is what I’ve been working on this week.

    Here’s to our words–Simplify and Change! Happy New Year!

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