Have Faith in the Sun

Some mornings really feel like new days.  This particular morning, after a tearful, soul-searching night, is like the freshness of a rain-drenched backyard.  The sun shines through elm and maple leaves as they drip the remnants of a downpour.  As if to speed the process, a breath of breeze shakes the foliage causing a cascading mini-rain.

The sun shines stronger and if one looks closely, the trees appear to sigh with relief in letting go the weight of all the water.  Murmurs of gratitude may even be heard as they gulp the sun and settle into their groundedness.

I am a tree today.  The tears washed me clean and I am soaking up the morning’s glory.  The destructive, non-productive thoughts have dripped away and I too am sighing with contentment.
It was a hard, beating rain this time.  All I could do was try to cover myself and wait.  Storms–even the bad, nighttime storms–eventually dissipate and move on.
I’d rather not think of the completely receded storm but instead relax in the present moment of this peaceful morning. 
There is awareness that waves of stormy clouds may lurk in the shadows of the trees’ cover.  For now, however, the breeze feels perfect, the canopied branch cover is my protection.
Such is the life in the forest of my days.  Through the showers of my emotions, the sun always shines again.  May the sun radiate in you wherever you are in these moments and all tomorrows.

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