Heading into Christmas

A synopsis of the last 16 months:
  • By choice, relocated from Missouri to Texas
  • Ended long-term relationship
  • Left dogs, home and family behind
  • Mom diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Job intact after six months of probation
  • Lots of work travel (TSA encounters, delays, cancellations, screaming kids, rude people, etc)
  • Joyous personal travel (Galveston, TX; Park City, UT; Las Vegas; Key West, FL & Cozumel via Carnival; San Antonio, TX with 65,000 like-minded folks
  • Dallas the Cat died
  • Mom died
  • Extreme family emotion
  • Sold my house
  • Adopted Jazzy the Jack Russell
  • Highs and lows of new relationship (now evolving into life love)

The 2010 holiday season is in full swing and I’ve made the decision to honor my needs (based on the chaos described above) and go to the beach for Christmas instead of returning to my family home.  I know the decision will rattle a few bars and windows as I am cussed and discussed (or maybe that’s my ego talking) and I also know that other peoples opinions are none of my business.

After all, I carry a coin in my pocket with the inscription “to thine own self be true.”
Several days ago, I polled my Twitter and Facebook friends with the question, “What does ‘Christmas in your heart’ mean to you?” Since my Christmas holiday will contain no childhood or even adult traditions, no reminiscing with family, and most significantly, no kissing the fuzz on my mom’s chemo-d head, I needed some help in formulating a new Christmas plan, one that initiates in my heart.
Friends and family responded (Diana, what would I do without you?) with great answers, as I knew they would.  I’ll share in my next post.  In the meantime, please chime in with your thoughts on what Christmas in your heart means to you.

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  1. JenCliff74 says:

    Love your blog! Your writing really touches me and enlightens me. Keep up the good work Beth!

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