How Do You Color Your World?

I read some pretty incredible stuff each morning.

The writers of this morning’s serving of reflective readings all seemed to have entered my thought stream before sending their words to me.

Or as a dear friend says, “they’ve been reading my mail again!”

Alex Blackwell, a fellow blogger who’s work I thoroughly admire, describes how, “like a box of 64 Crayola Crayons, the year was colored with bright, happy colors and with somber, unfamiliar ones, too.” (

And on The Daily Love, Robin Lee suggests we ask ourselves this question, “If I believed my presence in life really mattered, would I show up and express myself differently in my life?” (

Both Alex and Robin address issues that capture my attention because the end of the year is a time when I usually inventory the past 12 months to determine where and how I can improve in the coming 12 months.

Alex writes about the process of acceptance and surrender that must occur if we are to weather the highs and lows of daily living.

He believes, as I do, that while the bright colors of life create our fun and excitement, it is the duller colors that determine how we show up in life and this is where Robin’s question comes into play.

In order to address the second half of her question, I need to truly believe that my individual contributions to life really matter. I need to understand that the sum of the whole would be less without my presence.

Do I believe?

Do you?

To go back to Alex’s 64-count box of colors, do you consider yourself a part of the grand palette? It’s okay for your hue to change with your circumstances, but please know that there is always a place for your within the box.

How will I then show up and color our world?

That’s a question that may take some time to answer; I know it will for me. As we go through this season of joyous holiday celebrations, I encourage you to take an assessment of how you’ve colored your 2011 and how you will strive to paint your 2012.

Go gently and easily. Let your interactions with others be filled with grace. And believe within the heart of Christmas, that love is all there is.

P.S.  Mindful Monday will be vacationing on the Southeastern Florida beaches on Christmas Day and wishes you an incredible Mindful Christmas!

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