How Do You Define Everyday Spirituality?


Note to my faithful subscribers seeing this post in their inboxes:  This week’s Thursday Thought about recovery is a day late (duh!) because its faithful writer was unfaithful to her deadline!    

Spirituality and recovery.

Most people concede they go hand-in-hand.  And, I’d be willing to bet that most people have a somewhat cavalier attitude about the spirituality in their recovery.  Why question a good thing?

I know–if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, right?

But . . . what if your spirituality could be enhanced?  For those of us in recovery–who tend to be addicted to anything that screams MORE!–enhancements, tweaks and slight manipulations are always interesting.

Today, though, I’m only asking you to think.  Here’s the question:

What does everyday spirituality look like for you?

I wrote a piece this week for my favorite cause, ManyFaces1Voice, the call to action campaign for the film, The Anonymous People.  The piece is about one of the people featured in the film and he describes everyday spirituality in the coolest way.

I can’t tell you his description because the piece isn’t public until sometime today.  But I can tell you that it really set my mind in motion.

I can also tell you that starting today, I’m looking at my relationships in an entirely new light.

You know, we talk about those burning bush kinds of spiritual experiences.  We also talk about how everything is a spiritual experience.

But we don’t often talk about the entirety of spirituality or how it shows up in our daily lives.  I’m interested in that conversation.

As my guy from The Anonymous People says, and we 12-steppers know–addiction recovery is physical, mental and spiritual.

What does addiction recovery’s spiritual element look like for you today, and every day?  I’d love to get a bunch of responses in the comments section below–or email me if you like–and share them in a future post.

I’ll leave you with this thought to help your spiritual thought process:

“In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are

spiritual beings spending some time in a human body.”

~ Barbara de Angelis

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