How to Avoid Emotional Fur Balls

I coughed up some emotional fur balls with last week’s Thursday Thread but feel better for it!

I think part of my struggle with finding my voice lies in believing it is silent simply because I might not hear it right now.  But maybe others do.

There is such a cacophony of noise in my life that sometimes I can’t hear myself think, let alone speak.  But that doesn’t mean my voice is silent–it is just speaking quietly.

It is also possible that I’m assuming that just because I can’t hear my voice, no one else can.  But that isn’t true either.  Just this morning, there was a comment on this site from Arvind, a fellow seeker who lives in the UK.

Like all of us, I must remind myself of my purpose which is to create open channels for peace, love and joy.

Yes, there is a ton of negativity and uncertainty out there. I think that’s just life.  Living life on life’s terms need not block me from serving my purpose; it need not cause emotional fur balls to scratch at my throat.

How to best avoid those fur balls?  By asking myself these five questions:

  1. Can I observe without judging?
  2. Can I listen to others’ conversations without being drawn into chaos?
  3. Can I feel the current of change without being swept away?
  4. Can I touch another’s emotions without making them my own?
  5. Can I taste the bitterness in the outer world without distorting my inner flavor?

These five questions are the sensory tests that keep my voice alive and well.

I’m reminded of the words of Rudyard Kipling in his poem, “If.”  I love the entire verse but perhaps my favorite line is this one:

“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue”

To see the poem in its entirety, click here:

Have a Magnificent Mindful Monday!

B Well & Present,




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