How to Create a Peaceful, Perfect Day (no matter what the calendar says)

Earlier today, when I wrote today’s date, I noticed that we are one day short of this year’s perfect date.  Last year it was 10/10/10; next year it will be 12/12/12 and tomorrow it will be 11/11/11.

Since January 1, 2001, we have experienced one perfect date each year.

After next month, we won’t experience the next cycle of perfectly numbered dates until the next 01/01/01 (January 1, 2101).  Hey, throw a party in this generation’s honor, will you?  Who knows where my energy will manifest at that point?

Let’s not wait for perfect days. 

Instead, let’s make a decision that the concept of perfection is relative and the concept of peace is preferred.

For me, a perfect day is a peace-filled day.  But more often than not, I must make a decision to choose a peaceful day.

I confess that I am a work in progress when it comes to choosing different thoughts from self-destructive ones, but after a great talk with my friend Megan last night, I know that I am at least teachable and willing to learn.

Megan lives and breathes this peace and choosing your thoughts stuff.  I’ve witnessed her bring peace to a volatile situation so I know she’s credible.  She truly believes that there is no life storm–none–that can shatter our peace unless we allow it.

Allowing chaos into our space is a decision.

Megan doesn’t discount the crazy, unpredictable happenings of life.  She sees real situations of chaos–and chooses “not to do the backstroke in the muck,” as she puts it.

She choses peace instead because, as she says, her God is bigger than any and all of the trauma/dramas in life.

Megan and I talked about why we don’t choose peace.  Her theory is that 90% of our decisions are based on habit.  These decisions radiate from us in the form of reactions to people, places and things.  (Now we’re getting sneaking close to the old definition of insanity–doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.)

Here’s a concrete example: Patsy

You get an email from a co-worker named Patsy explaining why once again she is late on a project.  Seems she spilled scalding coffee in her lap because she backed her car into a tree as she was rushing to attend her great aunt Myrtle’s memorial service.

Patsy’s email goes on to describe how she absolutely ruined her $200 wool skirt.  And how her car was not drivable so she had to call a cab and when she finally arrived at the memorial, her mother gave her that look and . . .

You, the person in receipt of Patsy’s email immediately bristle and begin to fire off a response because you are tired of her excuses, blah, blah, blah.  For the entire time you’ve worked with her, Patsy has missed deadlines.

And for the entire time you’ve known her, you have reacted the same way, (a) out of habit, and (b) because you chose to “swan dive off the high board into her b.s.” (another Megan-ism).

You can choose peace instead, my friend tells me.

Before I even open the email, I can close to not react as I always have (because I already know the general tone of the note).  When I read the email, I can acknowledge that Patsy has done it again–that fact is real–and go on about my business.  But before I go, I can say a prayer that Patsy finds her own peace that passeth all understanding.

God knows I don’t always understand why this stuff works, but I do recognize peace when I feel it.  So why wouldn’t I choose to break old habits of decision-making and choose peace instead?

Let’s agree to choose peace–just for now–and then pay attention to how our lives change.  Describe the changes in a reply, will you?




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