How to NOT B Foolish on April Fools’ Day

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I’ve never really liked April Fool’s Day, although I played along as a kid.  I knew plenty of people who were Passionate (with a capital P) about April Fools’ Day but it always seemed to me that the longer the day wore on, the more the pranks became mean-spirited.

Besides, I always thought there was a better reason to celebrate April 1.

It represents the beginning of my birthday month!

This year, I want to celebrate my birthday month with ALL of  cyberspace!

And, I want to give YOU birthday gifts!

(I promise this is not an April Fools joke.)

Here’s the Scoop (Make it Baskin Robbins World Class Chocolate, Please.)

I’m starting a contest today and there are no fools allowed so there’s no way you can be foolish on April Fools’ Day!

Here’s how the contest will work:  When you subscribe to this blog site (by completing your name and email address on the home page), your name gets thrown into my baseball cap (in honor of the second best thing to happen in the month of April–the start of Major League Baseball Season!).

Quite honestly, I’m really proud of the new look of B Here Today and I want more people to know about it.  The new BHT unveiling happens to coincide with my birthday month so I thought, why not share the news for a whole month? When you subscribe, the gifts automatically begin to hit your email box.

Birthday Gifts for You

First, you’ll receive my brand new, first-ever, e-book, B Here On Purpose, nearly 30 pages of how to apply mindfulness in day-to-day situations.  Then, for the first seven days after you subscribe, you’ll receive a special email about being present in areas of your life, like at work, in nature, with your finances and with your animals.

The contest itself will run throughout the entire month of April.   On May 1, I’ll draw the lucky winner’s name out of the hat and that person will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Here’s the really FUN part:  For every 16th entry subscriber, that person will get a BONUS of FOUR entries.  (Bet you’re not fooled by the date of my birthday, are you?).  So, since April is the fourth month of the year, when you are new subscriber number 16, 32, 48, 54, 70, 86, and so on, you’ll get your name entered four times.

My friends who are already subscribers can get in on the action too!   Anyone  who tweets or retweets about the contest on Twitter and/or comments about the contest on Facebook gets one entry into the contest drawing.  So be sure to follow me on those two  sites (@bheretoday and, respectively)!

But Wait, There’s More!

Call it Beth’s special birthday gift to you!  I’m offering an additional $25 gift card to the person who posts the best comment about mindfulness here on the site, either on this post on another April post.  Get creative!  Tell me what mindfulness means to you, or how you’ve applied the principle of presence in a certain situation or even how the practice of mindfulness has changed your life.

The contest in a nutshell is this:  Subscribe and earn one point or entry.  Each tweet or comment earns one point.  Every 16th subscriber earns four points.  At the end of the contest, one person wins a BIG gift card.  The best blog comment about mindfulness receives a smaller gift card.

Pretty cool, huh?

There is one–and only one–caveat to the subscriber portion of the contest:  In order to trigger the $100 prize, there must be a minimum of 200 new subscribers during the contest.  The caveat does not apply to the comment portion of the contest.

Simple, easy, fun AND your competitive spirit gets stoked at the same time.  AND, you could win $125!! (Because there is no rule about winning twice.)

Now, rather than being the butt of a family member’s silly April Fools’ joke, isn’t this a much better way to start the grand month of April?

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  1. Hi Beth,

    Love the new site! It’s perfect for spring. Uplifting and welcoming. What a great offer for your contest. I will share on my social media sites!

    Mindfulness came as a process for me. When the unexpected happens, your life changes. For me, I realized that I needed to let go of the worry and regret that seemed to occupy so much of my thoughts. Practicing yoga was the start of training myself to focus on the present moment. Meditation has also been a helpful tool and a way to access my inner thoughts. Living in the present brings joy and peace.

    Happy April 1 to you!!

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Cathy and Happy April to you too! Thanks for your kind words about the site. I am SO excited and deeply appreciative of your sharing it with your peeps.

    Thanks too for your thoughts on mindfulness. I agree that when we make a decision to let go of monkey mind thinking–like worry and regret–we need a channel to direct our practice. While yours is yoga, mine is journaling which is completely separate from the “regular” writing that I do. An old-fashioned composition notebook and writing pen allow me to let loose . . . and let go.

    B Well & Mindful!

  3. Found your blog through the A-List Forum and you’re right, the design is great. I love it! Am not much into joining contests but I did just want to stop and say hi!

    • Beth says:

      Hi Anne,

      So glad you found me on the A-List Forum. Isn’t that an amazing place? I’ve learned so much there that will hopefully translate to good stuff here. I’ll head over to your site too! Hope to see you again.

      B Well!

  4. Wow Beth, the site is beautiful!!! Sounds like a fun month you have planned, can’t wait to read more!

  5. Love the site Beth – it is gorgeous. What a fabulous celebration for your birthday month! I’ve subscribed so looking forward to receiving the emails.

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