If I Only Had a Brain

Say you’re the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and you just discovered you have a brain.  How would you use it?

Your first reaction to the question may be, “Geez, that’s a no-brainer. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.) I’d use my brain to think.”

After all,  didn’t we all grow up with some version of “For God’s sake, THINK!  You’ve got a brain, now use it!”?

This is Your Brain

While many of us spend a good deal of time contemplating our navels, how often do we give our brains much consideration?

Quick, name three words that describe your brain.  What do you think of when you think of your brain?

I think cerebral, rational, decision-machine.

You may think of more physical words like dense, heavy or large.

Now, Think of Your Brain Differently.

I receive a daily Note from The Universe in my in-box that from time to time really tickles me.  A few days ago, this message came through:

The real reason your brain is so large, Beth, compared to most of the other blessed creatures dwelling in time and space, is so that you can vividly imagine all the exquisite, exciting, and enthralling details of your heart’s desires; not so that you can figure out who you need to meet, when you need to meet them, where you need to be, or how you’re going to pull it all together.  Your brain is not nearly that big.

Personally, until I read the Note, I would have never considered using the words exquisite, exciting and enthralling to describe my brain.  

But it’s true, isn’t it?

Are You Vividly Imagining the Desires of Your Heart?

The Scarecrow only thought he didn’t have a brain (or mind) to figure out his dilemmas.  At the end of the Oz story, he learns that he wasn’t acknowledging his own abilities.

He didn’t realize that by using his imagination, he could create what he desired.  The scarecrow didn’t know that behind the firing of the imagination lies the brain waiting to engage.  He didn’t allow his brain to imagine the desires of his heart.

How true is that for you today?

What exquisite, exciting and enthralling detail of your heart is eluding you today?

I invite you to sit with that detail–vividly imagine it–and then claim it as truth.

Are You an Over-Thinker?

My sweetie and I are making plans to move soon.  We’ve spent a good deal of time talking about our desires for our new home, that it be filled with light, have plenty of space for two (not one) home offices and that it have a fenced area or small yard for Jazzy to be off-leash.

We’ve discussed the area of town, proximity to the airport and our wish for a quiet, peaceful neighborhood.

For days, my brain and I went on a cerebral adventure to determine all our options, sort through possibilities, narrow down strategies and develop a plan for finding our new place.

One of those options included meeting with a leasing agent over the weekend who showed us a couple of properties.  We were disappointed with both.

My obsessive brain went into overdrive with thoughts of new searches, whether we really needed a garage and what our new neighbors would be like.  I was making myself a little crazy.

Then I remembered something the leasing agent said. “I think I have a pretty good understanding of what you are looking for.  The next time you hear from me, I’ll have three or four good properties for you to see because I will have already looked at them,” he said.

All of a sudden, I realized my brain could let go of the thinking about our new place, and focus on imagining and claiming the picture of what our new home would look like.

Claim the Desire of Your Heart

I could stop obsessing with my rational, solution-focused brain and imagine with my exquisite, excited and enthralled mind.

When I get out of the way of my own thought process–over-thinking–great imaginings can occur.  The same can be true for you.

How would you like to use your brain differently?  Have you claimed the desire of your heart?  Please share your thoughts on letting go of old approaches and imagining new.

(photo courtesy of Mary R. Vogt at http://mrg.bz/EAZNkQ)

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  1. Hi Beth,

    Love you description to our brains – it made me chuckle. I do at times over think an issue, and it helps to let go a bit. Things usually will work out just fine. Best of luck with your move. Change is always exciting and the beginning of the next chapter.

  2. Beth says:

    Hey Cathy,

    I aspire to be like you and over think only “at times!” Progress, not perfection, right???

    Have a terrific Thursday!

  3. Galen Pearl says:

    I used to be an over thinker, but finally my brain got tired and I gave it a rest! Much better!

  4. Beth says:

    Isn’t that the truth, Galen? Brain fatigue happens far too often. Maybe we can coach each other into restfulness!

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