I’m nervous and a bit apprehensive as I sit down to write this final B Here Today post of 2010.

The words and phrases have to be just right, the images keenly described, says my old nemesis The Ego.  This is it, after all, the year’s pinnacle wrapped up in 500 words or less.  No pressure, but you’d better make it good.


Could we just stick to the game plan?  Yes, it’s the last day of the year but it is also the sixth day of Christmas.  If you’ve been following since Dec. 26, you know that we’re following Unity’s 12 Powers, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas.


Today’s word is Imagination, a perfect word for the year-end and my final post. 

B Here Today launched on May 20 of this year, the anniversary of what I consider my birth into a new way of living, a sober way of life.  I had no idea where the posts would lead or who would read them but my imagination took a cue from my intuition and jumped in to the deep end of the pool.

My intention was to provide hope and inspiration for folks struggling with daily addiction and/or living issues.  That intention stands today, some 60 posts later.  Somewhere along the way, imagination linked with intention and I hold a fairly clear vision of B Here Today in 2011.  I hope you’ll watch the progress and join with me in celebrating all the good that lies in store for us in the coming year. 

Remember, though, ours is a day-by-day journey.  Upon awakening each day, after giving thanks for breathing in another morning’s glory, let’s allow our imaginations to create a day that sees only the possibilities of good.

In Unity’s “Awaken the Christ Spirit Within” booklet, it’s written, “I look for and expect a blessing for myself and my life, even when I’m facing a challenge.  I see good in all people, and I imagine the world as a place of abundance, wholeness and peace.”

I think that sounds like a great entree’ into a new year, don’t you?

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