Long Live VIA (Validation, Inspiration, Appreciation)

Like most everyone, I’m a sucker for a feel-good story.  I love stuff that causes me to think of drooling babies and puppies, stuff that reminds me of the old days of drinking sweetened iced tea, eating Moon Pies and listening to baseball on the transistor radio.

I’m exaggerating for effect, although I am old enough to remember those things.

Today has been a feel-good story day.  A lingering, long-overdue lunch with a dear friend and colleague highlighted the day.  She and I run at breakneck speeds trying to conquer the world so slowing down for a couple of hours, sharing a meal and talking about the things which fire our passions is a rare treat.  I experienced Validation, Inspiration and Appreciation during lunch and hours later am still smiling about our time together.

More VIA arrived in the form of excellent customer service at my regular car place.  Can I give a shout out to Christian Brothers Automotive?  Each time they service my car, I think, “Wow, now that’s the way customers should be treated!”  When was the last time you gave a mechanic permission to “do a once-over” on your late-model vehicle before you made a 1,200-mile trip and all he did was replace two bulbs?  Free-of-charge?

Finally, I spoke with my sponsor a short while ago (a great way to wrap up anybody’s day) and once again got some VIA. 

Validation.  Inspiration.  Appreciation.  Like so many other elements of my life, in order to keep VIA close by, I must give it away.  That’s definitely not a problem when the reward is a day like today.

Are there other VIA stories out there?

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