Love is All That is Within Me

My sweetie and I are just back from our fun-in-the-sun Christmas beach vacation.

Our five days of toes dipped in sand, fresh seafood and Atlantic sunrises filled us to overflow with gratitude and delight.  We arrived home last night wrapped in bubbles of peace.

Have you ever experienced that super-cool feeling of complete inside-out peace?  I’m pretty excited that on this 29th day of December, my personal 2011 is easing–not hurtling–toward completion.  For me, the year is not expiring in a big blob of trauma drama, as it has in the past.  Instead, I’m blessed that these remaining days are alive with love.

Love is All That is Within Me.

My prayerful wish for you is the same.

I know that we each have the ability to let go of anything that doesn’t serve our highest good.  A wise man on the beach taught me a simple surrender process (more to come on both the man and the process) that allows me to control not only how I choose to feel but also how I share those feelings.

We each have the ability to choose love in any circumstance.

You too can say,  Love is All That is Within Me.

Choosing love takes preparation.  I began to prepare on Christmas Eve by focusing on a simultaneous new birth within me as a part of the Christmas story.

I prayed this simple prayer, “Dear God, may Christmas Day be the first of all days that I live with conscious poise.  May I focus on honoring God-thoughts and forgive myself those thoughts that are less than honorable.  May my growth be deliberate and authentic and focused on love.  Thank you, God.  Amen.”

When I woke on Christmas morning, in my bed perfectly positioned to view the colorful palette of a breathtaking sunrise, I knew I was different.  I felt a sense of mindful connection and today, four days later, I remain plugged in to love and peace.

The probability is high that God and I can take this sense of mindful ease into the first hours, and perhaps days, of 2012.

With All That is Within Me, I make that my intention.

There will be no resolutions and no goal-setting for 2012.  Instead, I resolve to be as fully present to each day as I can knowing that how I approach my day is a conscious decision.

If you’ve chosen that Love is All That is Within You, I’d love to hear about your preparation process and about your intentional resolve.  Please leave a comment here.

In this, my last B Here Today post of 2011, I leave you with a gift and a promise:

My gift to you is a new and improved B Here Today, a 2.0 version, if you will.  The re-tooling is underway and will unveil in mid to late January.

My promise is to lovingly devote more peace, passion and presence to you in the new year.  I read recently that discipline + passion = magic.  2012 will be our year to make magic happen together.  

Until then, my mindful friends, B WELL and B LOVE.

BIG Holiday Hugs!



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  1. Becky Vance says:

    Took my breath away and gave me goosebumps. You paint a beautiful picture with words and I enjoy soaking them up. I too plan to be more present and authentic in the new year soon to be here. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your writing that you share so freely.

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