We’ve reached the point of looking at 2010 in the rear-view mirror; its end looms like a setting sun about to drop below the horizon.  There may be a few moments of daylight left–in fact, some of the most beautiful–but for the most part, the sun has also set on the year, and I am excited.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve felt such a rush of anticipation for what the turn of the calendar holds. My heart feels the potential of magic as we stand on the precipice of 2011.


Wonder and love–love is the word for today’s Fourth Day of Christmas.  Unity’s perspective on love embraces sending love, feeling love for those who don’t want love, or perhaps are unable to accept and give it.

That is my aspiration–to move from a place of thinking about how difficult it is to love people who are rude or hostile or unlovable toward me, or those who hold a grudge against me or are just downright weird (in my estimation).  Instead, I want to love as Jesus loved–without regard for the person’s circumstances or involvement in my life.

The human in me can feel hurt over a family Christmas incident which was all about my expectations anyway.  Instead, I want my spirit to deny the hurts effect on me and love them anyway.

The human me can feel revulsion over a woman on an airplane who was constantly picking at individual strands of hair, pulling at them, snapping of the ends and then brushing them away.  The spirit-led me takes her inside with me and communes with her spirit.

That is the Jesus love I want to express.

The spiritual muscle needs vigilant exercise.  There is a message deeply ingrained in spiritual work that I am worth it, worth the effort, worth the prayer, worthy of the deeper practices Jesus demonstrated.

It’s hard, no doubt, and once again let me be clear–these are aspirations.  The probability of failure, many times over, is huge.  My prayer is that each failing brings me a wee bit closer to the spirit-led woman I want to be.

I am a long, long way from the nearly spiritually dead place where I lived 20 years ago.  We all have a history of change.

The new year is one of traditional resolutions.  In the past, those “I resolves” were ego-based.  Now they are spirit-based and led by love.

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