My Dog Found Her Stairway to Heaven

photo 4-1

Two steps up a doggy ladder, one lunge onto a padded window seat and a final 45-degree turn and jump onto the counter where Jazzy’s heaven waited:  jars of dog treats.

Her canine feet remain planted on earth, although I nearly kicked her butt to Kingdom Come yesterday afternoon.

Jazzy my Jack Russell Terrorist usually keeps us laughing with her spirited disposition, her 90-mile-an-hour-out-of-the-gate pursuit of life and her dogged (pun intended!) adoration for her humans.  (Click here for my first Jazzy post in 2010, shortly after we adopted her.)

But her limitless boundaries push waaaayy past our tolerance when she pulls one of her terrorist acts.

She was supposed to set an example for her injured cousin, Dora.  Jazzy was supposed to keep Dora company while we ran out for a couple of hours.

Dogs don’t rationalize so who needs to take responsibility?

Jazzy will always go for the treats. Period.  We were the ones who didn’t think through the decision to put her in Dora’s room while we were gone, a room with temptations.

Yes, I yelled at Jazzy for something that wasn’t her fault.  I guess I should have yelled at myself.

I really wish I could learn not to yell at all.  I want to take things in stride, to act like there are no big deals, to let my dog be a dog and me be a human.

Here’s the good news:  I’m better than I once was.

Give ourselves (and our dogs) more grace

Maybe you yelled at your dog or your kid today.  Maybe you swore at someone in traffic or maybe you flipped off a co-worker.

I’m not excusing your behavior, but when you start beating yourself up, I will ask you to stop.  What’s done is done; you can’t change the past and perpetuating the negative vibes with self-flagellation is pointless.

Let whatever happened drift into yesterday.  Let it go. Stop giving actions of the past–even those of 10 minutes ago–any power over your NOW moments.

You are worth more than the angry way you treat yourself.

You know what?  My dog is worth more than the angry way I treat her sometimes.  Same with my sweetie.

We all deserve love not anger. Love is the antidote for anger.  Love is the real stairway to heaven.

Keep it real, keep it light, keep it love. For a light-hearted Jazzy post called 5 Benefits of Checking Your Pooch’s P-Mail, click on the link.


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  1. Cathy says:

    Cute post, Beth. I’ll never forget the time, I was just outside my kitchen when I heard a crunching sound and was curious, because no one was in the kitchen at the time. When I looked in, my surprise was that there was someone there and it was Boston Terrier, Woody who had jumped up on the table. He now had his head in a chip bag going for it as fast as he could. I’m sure I did yell, but I didn’t do it too often, so that time, it was probably ok. I do always find it hard not to laugh at our dog’s antics. Love the pic!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Cathy. The rest of the story is Jazzy’s spazziness was probably terrorizing Dora, the poor thing who is having surgery tomorrow to repair a blown-out knee. We’ve been so careful with Dora and the yelling was probably anger at ourselves for not thinking. Oh well! All is okay today!

      Funny story about your Woody. I had pugs years ago and I think their zeal is similar to a Boston’s!

  2. Melissa says:

    Cute story Beth. Love these critters so much even when they are doing things we don’t like 🙂

    Love what you said here, “Let whatever happened drift into yesterday. Let it go. Stop giving actions of the past–even those of 10 minutes ago–any power over your NOW moments.” So true!

  3. Vidya Sury says:

    A pet can teach us so much about life. I loved reading your post, Beth! What I always marvel at is this: one can never stay mad with a pet for long. Their love is so unconditional! Hugs!

    • Beth says:


      You are so right, Vidya! Jazzy makes me a little crazy sometimes (More the truth: I allow myself to be made crazy!) but then I look into those eyes that love me unconditionally, and I’m toast.

      Hugs right back!

  4. When we think with our minds, there are many answers. When we think with our hearts, there is only one -Love.

    There is a beautiful energy here that radiates from your heart. Thank you for sharing your Light. xo

    • Beth says:

      Love, love, love your comment, Shelley. Thank you for kind words and for stopping by to comment.

      I appreciate you!!

  5. Beautiful website you have, Beth – and I love your post. You are so right that there is no point in hanging on to or beating ourselves up for getting angry etc; the main thing is to let it go and return to the now. I’ve found that the more times you’re able to let go and return to peace, the easier it gets to stop them before they happen. Or we develop a more relaxed, accepting attitude. It’s a work in progress…

    • Beth says:

      I’m so grateful for the whole “progress, not perfection” thing, Marianne. Maybe it’s an aging thing, maybe it’s acceptance, but I find most things just flat aren’t worth the battle anymore. Peace, ah yes, sweet peace.

      Thanks for the compliments about my site. It too is a work in progress!

  6. We have 4 dogs so there is always fur flying in our house, though it’s usually mine! Hbby acquired a new puppy several months ago (we had 3 dogs already) and I’m still finding puddles everywhere. I needed this post today, Beth!

    • Beth says:

      Wow–four dogs! We do what we have to do, as fur parents, don’t we, Sheila? I find that keeping our sense of humor (even when stepping in a nice little yellow puddle) is the best antidote for animal stress!

      Happy paws to you today!

  7. Christa says:

    Beautiful! Love this, Beth, and such truth…treat others as we would wish to be treated. Love and care and honour and respect. Think about the energy we put out and what we wish to bring to a room. What do we want our legacy to be? How do we want to be remembered? How would we want to feel about ourselves, if we were anyone else in the room?

    It’s not just because I am a fellow dog lover (and have long dreamed of and can’t wait to someday get my dream dogs – 2 little ones to keep each other company :)), that I love this post and it resonates so much. Thank you – for this, your truth, your inspiring words and for shining your light for us all.

    • Beth says:

      I so appreciate your kind words, Christa! Isn’t this fun–getting to know each other and realizing we’re all saying the same things in different words?

      You hold to that dream of two little doggie munchkins . . . it will happen when the Universal timing is right.

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