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file8461296758117Meet B Here Today’s Recovery Carrier Lisa Frederiksen

Today begins the first in a series of interviews with folks across the nation (and maybe the world!) who live and breathe a life of recovery.  Please enjoy this chat with Lisa Frederiksen, author of

Lisa Frederiksen

William White defines recovery carriers as “people, usually in recovery, who make recovery infectious to those around them by their openness about their recovery experiences, their quality of life and character, and the compassion they exhibit for those still suffering.” (, 2012)

When you hear the term “recovery carrier,” as it relates to addiction, what does that mean to you?  Do you think you’re a recovery carrier?

I do consider myself a recovery carrier. In my view, a “recovery carrier” is someone who is sharing with those in their sphere of influence information, expert opinions, current research, stories of hope and/or engaging in advocacy efforts related to the many aspects of addiction recovery. This advances the fact that addiction recovery is real; it happens to real people and it happens all the time.

Not only that, but the information, research, expert opinions, advocacy efforts all help others understand the complexities of the disease of addiction, which in turn reinforces the fact that there is no one, nor right way to do recovery – many paths will get you there, and it’s in our sharing that we help others find one (or ones) that will work for them.

(To read the rest of Lisa’s interview, including her answers to questions about her work, challenges facing recovery carriers, how the New Recovery Advocacy Movement compares to other movements in American history and where she sees the addiction recovery field in 10 years, click  Lisa Frederiksen 1-14).

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  1. I love the term”recovery carrier”! That is exactly what Lisa does so brilliantly. This is a wonderful interview and I agree that until we decide to come out of the basement rooms and talk about recovery openly are we going to make strides in this area. We need to bring recovery to the limelight and give it the respect that it deserves. Great idea for a series, Beth. I can’t wait to read more!!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Cathy! Glad you like the term and so wish I could take credit for it! The part I can take credit for is realizing that the work of others–like yourself–helps me to grow as a person and as a person in recovery.

      By the way, if you ever figure out how Lisa accomplishes all that she does, let me in on the secret!

  2. No doubt, great term, Beth. And Lisa is such a great interview with which to begin. Recovery Carriers: one could never have enough of them. And Lord knows there were many of them who helped me along my way – and still do. Thank you, Beth…

    • Beth says:

      I completely agree that one can never get too many uplifts from recovery carriers. I wasn’t so keen on utilizing their help in the beginning, but now I usually say, “bring it on!”

      I’m so glad our paths have crossed, and thank YOU, Bill!

  3. Beth, this is awesome. What another creative way to get the word out about recovery. This a a great step toward the positive that we all seek in getting recovery out in the open, learned about, discussed, improved upon, and and shame-shattered (to borrow Lisa’s phrase)!! Love it Beth, and thanks for all you do.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Leslie,

      Thanks for your kind words. Lisa is great to work with–even talked me through a couple of technical challenges.

      You know, like so many others, when I entered recovery, I was told in order to keep the gifts that I’d been given, I needed to pass them on. Thank goodness there are no rules for how we give back because I love this internet platform!

      Thank you, too, Leslie. We’re all in this lifeboat together!

  4. Herby Bell says:

    WOW, Beth. Awe struck how REALLY neat this is.

    First of all, I’ve been following this amazing woman, Lisa Frederiksen’s work for a few years now and had NO idea about some of these latest revelations regarding the depth and breadth of her efforts. GO Lisa!!

    And when reading, I got this very confident sense that what YOU’RE doing here by championing these recovery carriers in this very cool way will be seminal, bridge building collaboration with far reaching, synergistic effects.

    You are an exemplary model for unleashing the creativity in this cherished lifestyle of ours. Thank you, Beth. Can’t wait to be exposed to another carrier!

    • Beth says:

      Hi Herby,

      First, I wrote an eloquent and elegant response . . . and then lost it. Only I didn’t know I lost it, so I’ve forgotten what I wrote . . .

      No matter. I do remember writing that I feel humbled by your words. Ever since I got involved in this work, when Greg Williams introduced me to William White’s work, I’ve felt drawn to this concept of recovery carriers. Having Lisa be my test subject, so to speak, was a no-brainer.

      The truth is that we’re all recovery carriers, as you say, of this cherished lifestyle. So thank YOU for the work you contribute; we all make a helluva team, don’t you think?

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