No Longer Will We Remain Silent


Recovery Month 2013 will go down in history as thrilling, exhilarating, and yes, exhausting. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m glad it’s over after today.

But while September’s advocacy work is done, the worker bees know there are gazillions of moments in upcoming months waiting for the message that addiction recovery is hopeful and viable.

We are a constituency of consequence, to quote The Anonymous People.

No longer will we remain silent

Greg Williams said not all that long ago that the recovery movement lives and grows beyond Recovery Month. With the official launch of, our capacity to grow can really ratchet up.

Prepare the soil because we’re about to sow the seeds.

John Shinholser, president and co-founder of the McShin Foundation in Richmond, Va., and a prominent advocate in both the movie and the movement, says he feels sorry for the lawmakers in DC 10 years from now. John believes we’re building an army of recovery advocates who will literally change the nature of how addiction treatment is delivered in this country.

I believe him. I am as excited about the future of this movement as I’ve been about most anything in my 22 sober years. Our time has arrived and as the tag line of reads, “no longer will we remain silent.”

One step, one moment, one person, one story at a time. We can and we will shift the conversation about recovery on so many different levels.

A few of the many faces

Here are some of the tweets we’ve shared recently, along with links to the person’s story on

From Bill White:  The stigma of addiction keeps many people from sharing their recovery stories.

From Maetta Broadus: Before recovery, I believed I was mentally incapable of the word STOP.

From Don Fertman: If you can just touch one person and set them on the right path, then the job is done.

From The Detroit Recovery Project:  A light shines in people who are sober.

There will be many, many voices shared in the coming months. We’d love to hear yours. Respond below if you’re interested in connecting with

In the meantime, think about this as we transition from Recovery Month into October, again, from John Shinholser, “We want to sensationalize recovery, because recovery is very sensational!”

Photo courtesy of Alvimann

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