Notes from God

Dear Beth:

Write these words, “Peace begins with me.”
Peace is your barometer.  If it doesn’t elicit peace, then it is not of me.

You can live in your circumstances without awareness or even knowledge, but you can’t live without peace.

The plan is simple.  Follow my will each and every day.  My will is for you to be peace.  Be at peace.

Seek peace first, second and last in your day.  Nothing else need exist; in truth, nothing else does exist without peace.

Whether others possess peace is of no concern to you except as subjects of prayer.

Be diligent, be strong, be dedicated to growing peace.  That is your sole objective until, and unless, you ask me for something else.

Peace, be still.

Still, be peace.

God, aka, Holy Creator

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Love it! I felt more calm and peaceful even as I read it. Thanks!

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