Of Fire Ants and Winnie-the-Poo Characters


‘It’s snowing still,’ said Eeyore gloomily.

‘So it is.’

‘And freezing.’

‘Is it?’

‘Yes,’ said Eeyore. ‘However,’ he said, brightening up a little, ‘we haven’t had an earthquake lately.’

— A. A. Milne

Ah, Eeyore. Of all the characters in the Winnie the Poo line-up, Eeyore–the ever-glum, sarcastic and usually pessimistic donkey–is my least favorite character.

Give me ADHD Tigger, adorable-but-anxious Piglet or the obsessed-with-honey Poo any day.  Yes, I found more than one online reference for the mental disorders of the cast of The Hundred Acre Wood.

Now I’m suffering with major TMI.

Today, I am thinking of Eeyore, though, because I’m reminded that no matter what your present circumstances, there is generally something that could be worse.

Accept the things you cannot change

Eeyore couldn’t change the snowy weather conditions.  I can’t change the incessant fire ant problem in my small yard. Or the people in my life who sometimes behave like fire ants when they surprise me with unprovoked stinging bites.

I just came in from dousing a fire ant condominium complex discovered while trimming some bushes earlier today. Do I believe that eliminated my fire ant problem?  Oh, heck no, because I live in Texas and they apparently come with the territory.

Sometimes fiery people come with the territory too, but since I can’t pour 1/4 cup of granular ant killer on them, I guess I’ll have to find another solution.

Since there is nothing I can do to change them, I’ll just shrug my shoulders and walk away.

Be grateful for the things that haven’t happened

Like Eeyore who occasionally looks on the bright side, I can practice gratitude for the things I can change. Like my own attitude about fire ants.

Let’s face it.  We all have fire ants in our lives. But it could be worse, right?

They could be a daily, instead of an every-now-and-then nuisance. They could be inside my house, where I can’t close the door on them.

They could take over my entire yard, instead of a little bit of space at a time.

In the big scheme of things, fire ants really mean nothing. In fact, I’ve decided to quit letting them get under my skin by avoiding them altogether.

They’re just not worth the effort that goes into figuring out how to co-exist with them. Better to just walk away.

And should I stumble into a nest–which given where I live–is likely, I’ll deal with it then.

Until then, I’m going to keep doing my Tigger thing. I’ll keep bouncing through life, enjoying my now moments instead of fretting about fire ants.

I’ll leave the fretting to Eeyore.

Photo courtesy of mantasmagorical


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